Suspicious Crate

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Suspicious Crate
Suspicious Crate 80.png
Type Beacon
Level 40-90
Location Gavel Province
Health 500-2400
Drops 1 - 4.5 Emerald Blocks
Elemental Effects
Neutral None

The Suspicious Crate is a mob found throughout the Gavel province. Its level is usually equal to the area it is positioned in. It can range from being level 40 in the Llevigar Plains, up to level 90 in the Sky Islands. It has the appearance of a beacon.

When killed, it can either drop Emerald Blocks and/or emeralds, or it can spawn a dangerous Magic Mimic, which will be 10 levels above the original crate's level.

Emeralds[edit | edit source]

If it does not turn into a Magic Mimic, then it will drop emeralds. A level 40 Crate will typically drop 1 emerald block, while a level 85 Crate will typically drop 4 emerald blocks.

Magic Mimic[edit | edit source]

Magic Mimic
Type Beacon
Level 50-100
Location Gavel Province
Health 1000-8000+
Elemental Effects
Neutral 100-500
Earth Defense
Thunder Defense
Water Defense
Fire Defense
Air Defense

If a Magic Mimic spawns instead of dropping emeralds, it will be 10 levels above the level of the Suspicious Crate. Magic Mimics have strong defense in all elements, and deal heavy damage, so fighting them is often difficult. They also move quite fast, so a spell to freeze or slow them down is recommended if fighting them.