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On the Wynncraft server, there are different ranks that players can have.

Ranks[edit | edit source]

Purchasable Ranks[edit | edit source]

These are ranks that can be bought for real life money on the website's store at https://store.wynncraft.com/

VIP[edit | edit source]

VIP rank costs $19.99 USD and has these perks:

  • Knight and Hunter reskinned classes
  • 2 Mob Totems
  • No lobby transparency
  • Ability to rename pets/horses
  • Notifies others when you login
  • Access to secret VIP forum
  • Green name
  • Access to all tier 1 Weapon Icons

VIP+[edit | edit source]

VIP+ rank costs $39.99 USD and has all the VIP perks and more:

  • Ninja and Dark Wizard reskinned classes
  • 4 Mob Totems
  • OST Jukebox (play any song in the OST anywhere you want)
  • Aqua name
  • x1 tier 1 ★ daily crate
  • Access to all tier 2 Weapon Icons

HERO[edit | edit source]

HERO rank costs $79.99 USD ($75 when VIP, $50 when VIP+) and has all the VIP/VIP+ perks and more:

  • 3 More Class slots
  • 6 Mob Totems
  • x1 tier 2 ★★ daily crate
  • Beta access
  • Purple name
  • Access to all tier 3 Weapon Icons

Other Ranks[edit | edit source]

Media[edit | edit source]

To get the Media rank, you need to have at least 10,000 subscribers on YouTube and have at least 1 video about Wynncraft. Message Salted on Twitter if you think you qualify for this rank. Special exceptions are granted on a case-by-case basis.

Staff Ranks[edit | edit source]

These are various people who have been appointed by the owners to help on the server and on the forums. You can see the full list of the staff here.

Moderator[edit | edit source]

Moderators have an orange name. If you need help or if you have a problem, you can ask them either in game or on the forums.

Admin[edit | edit source]

Admins have a red name. Admins are either the owners or developers of Wynncraft.

Tags[edit | edit source]

Tags exist to identify special players or the Content Team. The tag is after the level, the class and the guild: [Lvl/Class/Guild] [Tag]. If you don't have any tag, you will receive the tag of your rank (VIP/VIP+/HERO). If you are not a VIP or higher, you will not have a tag. In-game tags may appear with stars behind them. The amount of stars represents the importance of a player within the content team. If a moderator is also a part of the content team they may also have those stars after their tag.

Content Team[edit | edit source]

Developer Tag[edit | edit source]

Dev tag is given to developers of Wynncraft. If you are a Web Developer, you receive the Web tag.

GM Tag[edit | edit source]

GM tag is given to Game Masters, the creators of items, quests, mobs, etc.

Builder Tag[edit | edit source]

Builder tag is given to the builders who built the physical map.

CMD Tag[edit | edit source]

CMD tag is given to the talented command blockers who create the cutscenes and puzzle you see in-game.

Hybrid Tag[edit | edit source]

Given to Wynncraft Hybrids, Content Team members who are both builders, GMs, or CMDs.

Other Tags[edit | edit source]

Veteran Tag[edit | edit source]

The veteran tag is a tag given to those who had VIP before August 1, 2014 which was when the 1.12 update was released. This will never be available for purchase or be given to anyone else.

Forum Tags[edit | edit source]

Forum Ranks as they appear below the avatar

Forum Tags are shown below a player's avatar on the forums every time they post. The image on the right shows many of the forum tags that are available.

VIP[edit | edit source]

Given to any player who has purchased VIP rank.

VIP+[edit | edit source]

Given to any player who has purchased VIP+ rank.

HERO[edit | edit source]

Given to any player who has purchased HERO rank.

Featured Wynncraftian[edit | edit source]

Every week, one active or unique member of the Wynncraft community is selected to bear this honor. This is a temporary rank, lasting just one week.

Admin[edit | edit source]

One of the game owners, these are the creators of Wynncraft.

Moderator[edit | edit source]

One of the game and forum moderators. These are the people who ensure there is no in-game cheating or hacking, and that the forums are kept tidy.

Builder[edit | edit source]

The game builders create the world of Wynn, building houses, cities, mountains, caves, forests, ruins and everything you see.

GM[edit | edit source]

The Game Masters are the creators of the game quests, mobs, NPCs and items.

CMD[edit | edit source]

The CMD create the puzzles and cutscenes you see in-game.

Item Team[edit | edit source]

Members of the Item Team create new items as well as balance existing ones.

Website Team[edit | edit source]

The web developers keep the Wynncraft website and forums up and running smoothly. They also administer the issue tracker.

Support Team[edit | edit source]

Given to a staff member who deals with emails to Wynncraft Support.

Community Manager[edit | edit source]

Given to the managers of the community. They run the twitter, run community events, etc. They also create a connection between the staff and the community. Contact them if you feel the need to.

♪ Music[edit | edit source]

Given to the official composers of Wynncraft's music.

✎ Artist[edit | edit source]

Given to official Wynncraft artists.

QA[edit | edit source]

The QA test new additions to the game and deal with bugs. Stands for Quality Assurance.