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Other Information
Dern is a "province" that currently does not exist on the map, and is speculated to be south of Wynn.

The Dern Province is by far the most controversial province in Wynncraft, as it has yet to be released.

According to the Storyline, the Villagers are aware that the province lies on the other side of the Abandoned Mines. It has been confirmed to be a place of darkness and is called a "far off dark land" by lead lore developer, Grian. He also has stated that in the lore of the game it is not considered a province, but should still be treated as one.

This has sparked much debate about whether it is a province or a realm. Many community members also believe that the dark area explored in the Fantastic Voyage quest could be Dern, but currently this is just theory and speculation.

Though the Dernel Jungle wasn't named after Dern, in the quest WynnExcavation Site D it is speculated to hold some ties with it.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The word Dern comes from Middle English and is associated with "darkness" and "obscurity".
  • The "Eye" in Wynncraft's logo is speculated to play a huge part in Dern.
  • Before the Gavel Update, Dern was one of the three known provinces. After Gavel was released, Fruma was introduced into the lore.
  • Dern is referenced in Llevigar's Library in Chapter IV, named Dern History.
  • The secret in the Abandoned Mines is also speculated to reference Dern.
  • There are plenty of Dern Beasts on Dead Island, and it used to be Dern Emigrants on Enderman Island