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» The list of official Wynncraft commands can be found under the "Commands" section at the following link:

Commands for gameplay[edit | edit source]

  • /buy - If you bought gold coins before the old store got changed in September 2016, you can spend them using this command.
  • Aliases: /cash, /store, /gold, /goldcoins, /gc or /shop
  • /class - Choose/change to a class to play.
  • Alias: /classes
  • /daily - Collects reward for daily objective completion.
  • /kill - Kill your player, if you get stuck.
  • Alias /suicide
  • Alias: /die
  • /duel [name] - Fight against another player.
  • /find [name] - Find out what server a friend is playing on.
  • /fixquests - Returns lost but needed quest items to the player.
  • /fixstart - Fix the starting quest if it gets messed up (King's Recruit).
  • /forum - Link your forum account to your Minecraft account.
  • /friend [add/remove/list] - Manage your friend list.
  • Aliases: /friends or /f
  • /guild [leave/invite/join/kick/rank/list/leaderboard/log/stats/xp/contribute/attack/defend] - Manage your guild.
  • /g [message] - Chat with members of your guild.
  • /msg [name] - Send someone a message.
  • /r - Quickly reply to a message. You are required to send a message to someone first.
  • /party [create/invite/kick/leave] - Manage your party.
  • /p [message] - Chat with other members of your current party.
  • /report [player] [reason] - Report players for abusing glitches or for breaking the rules.
  • /server - Go to the lobby from normal servers or from the Nether. (Used to change servers, disabled to prevent /server WCN).
  • Aliases: /hub, /leave, /lobby or /port
  • /toggle [swears/insults/blood/autojoin/music/vet/war/guildjoin/attacksound/rpwarning] - Toggle specific features on and off.
  • /trade [name] - Trade items with someone.
  • Aliases: /share or /tr
  • /itemlock - Locks item that is being held, so it cannot be dropped.
  • /skiptutorial - If you are on your second or more class, you can use this command to skip the tutorial.

Commands for cosmetics[edit | edit source]

  • /pet - Choose a pet to equip.
  • Alias: /pets
  • /use - Activate items that you have purchased or claimed (Monthly Chest) from the store.
  • /rename [name] - Rename your equipped pet or horse.
  • Alias: /name
  • /particles [off/low/medium/high/veryhigh/highest/(particles per tick)] - Changes particle amount.

» You can buy Ranks, Crates, Pets, and Bombs in the store here.

Commands which are unusable or you don't have permission to use[edit | edit source]

  • /end [type anything or nothing here]
  • /dismiss - Cancel an active mission. (Disabled as missions caused problems and were removed.)

Toggle Commands[edit | edit source]

  • /toggle swears - Toggles swear words.
  • /toggle blood - Toggles blood particles of mobs.
  • /toggle insults - Toggles insults.
  • /toggle autojoin - Toggles whether you get to the class selection or get logged into your last class upon joining a server.
  • /toggle music - Toggles the ingame music.
  • /toggle vet - Toggles if the VET tag is shown or not (only for people who got a rank before Mojangs EULA update August 2014)
  • /toggle war - Toggles war messages (e.g. territory attack messages)
  • /toggle guildjoin - Toggles login messages from guild members.
  • /toggle attacksound - Toggles the sound for melee attacks.
  • /toggle rpwarning - Toggles the warning you get when you don't have the server-resource-pack enabled.
  • /toggle 100 - Toggles whether level 100+ announcements are shown in chat.
  • /toggle sb - Toggles the Objectives Scoreboard.
  • /toggle pouchmsg - Toggles the message shown when an item is added to the Ingredient Pouch
  • /toggle combatbar - Toggles the bar at the top shown when attacking a mob
  • /toggle playerghosts - Toggles whether players from other servers are shown

Guild Commands[edit | edit source]

Ranks: Recruit < Recruiter < Captain < Chief < Owner

  • /guild - Display all available guild commands.
  • /guild join [guild name] - Join a guild you have been invited to.
  • /g [message] - Access the private guild chat.
  • /guild leaderboard - Shows a leaderboard (xp-wise) with your guild, 5 guilds above yours and 4 guilds below yours.
  • /guild leave - Leave your current guild, costing 3 soul points.
  • /guild list - List all members of your guild.
  • /guild stats - Show the current level, XP, tag, name and player count of your guild. (Does not work currently)
  • /guild log - View the log of your guild's activities.
  • /guild xp [amount] - Set the percentage of your gained XP that will go towards your guild.
  • /guild contribute - Contribute emeralds to your guild bank.
  • /guild rank [name] [rank] - Set the rank of another member of your guild. REQUIRED RANK: Captain+
  • /guild invite [name] - Invite a player to your guild. REQUIRED RANK: Recruiter+
  • /guild attack - Attack the territory you are currently in. REQUIRED RANK: Captain+
  • /guild defend - Buy mobs to defend the territory you are currently in. REQUIRED RANK: Captain+
  • /guild kick [name] - Kick a player from your guild. REQUIRED RANK: Chief+

Upcoming commands (Planned, but not yet implemented)[edit | edit source]

  • A command to slap people in the lobby (probably /slap)
  • A command to fly for brief moment in the lobby or maybe in main server (probably /rocket)