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Item Wool, Pink Wool, Baab's Wool, and Red Wool
Type Mob Drop
Obtain Killing Sheep, Mountain Rams, Baab
Usage Quests, vanity

Wool is an item dropped by Sheep, Mountain Rams, Pink Sheeps of Greatness and Baab.

Types of Wool[edit | edit source]

There are many types of wool the player can obtain from sheep.

WynnIconCSS.png Block of Wool[edit | edit source]

A white wool block titled Block of Wool is a common drop from Sheep and Mountain Rams, they have no use.

WynnIconCSS.png Block of Pink Wool[edit | edit source]

A pink wool block title Block of Pink Wool is a rare drop from common Sheep, but a 100% drop from the Pink Sheep of Greatness. These elusive sheep spawn in the Detlas Suburb sheep pen, and are a rare encounter. They can be also obtained via a pink wool merchant in Rymek.

Usage[edit | edit source]

WynnIconCSS.png Baab's Wool[edit | edit source]

Upon killing Baab, he drops his own blue wool, Baab's Wool.

Usage[edit | edit source]

WynnIconCSS.png Block of Red Wool[edit | edit source]

A red wool block is an extremely rare drop from Mountain Rams. As of the 1.12 Mob Update, this variant of wool no longer drops from the rams. [citation needed]

Usage[edit | edit source]

  • They do not have any use. If you currently have one, you can use it as a vanity item, or you can sell it for quite a few Liquid Emeralds.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Pink wool is rarer than Legendary items.
  • Having high loot bonus on your weapons can help increase your chances of getting pink wool.
  • Before the "1.09 Quest Update", pink wool was harder to find.
  • Normal white wool was used in the quest Creeper Infiltration before the 1.16 Corkus Update to construct a Creeper Mask.