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Pigmen Cave

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The Pigmen Cave SiteIcon.png

The Pigman Cave

Coordinates X: -616, Z: -1573
Minimum Suggested Level 15

Type/Biomes Cave

Monsters Pig Zomblaze Level 8
Pigman Level 8
Pigzombie Man Level 8

Uses Grinding, Obtaining Pigman's Meat

The Pigmen Cave is a cave on the south side of the Emerald Trail where Pigmen, Pigzombie Men and Pig Zomblazes spawn. It is a decently popular grinding spot for players on mid-ten levels. The main use for the cave is a close spot to get Pigman's Meat for the Underwater quest. It has 2 loot chests that spawn in it.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Sometimes, Weak Zombies also spawn in the cave.