Zhight Treasure Tour

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Zhight Tour SiteIcon.png
Zhight Tour.png
Coordinates X: -642, Z: -2685
Minimum Suggested Level 60
Other Merchants Treasure Prize Merchant
Tour Pass Merchant
Type/Biomes Cave
Monsters Mobs
Uses Loot chest, Grinding for prizes
Requirements Completion of Zhight Island (Quest)

The Zhight Treasure Tour is a mini game on Zhight Island that gives you 5 minutes to find as many valuables as you can inside of a cave. Once the time is up, you can use what you collected and trade it for special items at the merchants. The cost of entry is 5 Zhight Money

Mobs[edit | edit source]

Image Name Level Health Abilities Elemental Stats Drop(s)
Sogbrush.png Sogbrush 50 100 - Fire: Weakness Three Sogbrush Lurker Lv. 55
SogbrushLurker.png Sogbrush Lurker 55 1150 - - -
BlueLungfish.png Blue Lungfish 56 3100 - Water: Defence
Fire: Defence

Zhight Gold
PoisonLungefish.png Poison Lungefish 56 10000 - Water: Defence
Fire: Defence

Zhight Gold
RedLungfish.png Red Lungfish 56 1700 - Water: Defence
Fire: Defence

Zhight Gold
StripedLungefish.png Striped Lungefish 56 3400 - Earth: Damage, Defence
Water: Defence

Zhight Gold
Chokeweed.png Chokeweed 57 5450 Pull(?) Water: Defence
Fire: Defence

Zhight Gold
LuminousLurer.png Luminous Lurer 57 3650 - Thunder: Weakness
Water: Damage, Defence

Zhight Gold
PhosphorousFisher.png Phosphorous Fisher 57 5450 - -
Zhight Gold
Tangleweed.png Tangleweed 57 3650 Pull -
Zhight Gold
ShinyHoarder.png Shiny Hoarder 58 6000 - Earth: Defence
Thunder: Defence
Water: Defence
Fire: Defence
Air: Defence

Five Zhight Gold