Zhight Island (Quest)

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Zhight Island
Quest Info
Length Medium
Location Zhight Island
Level 55
Reward As follows

Zhight Island is a medium level 55 quest located at, you guessed it, Zhight Island.

Preview[edit | edit source]

Zhight requests the player to help him find his supplies from his lost supplier.

Stage 1[edit | edit source]

» Talk to Zhight on Zhight Island.


  • Zhight: Hello adventurer! I see you have found my nation, Zhight Island!
  • Zhight: Normally I would give you a proper Zhight welcome...
  • Zhight: ...but sadly I have nothing to give you, as my island is running out of supplies quickly.
  • Zhight: I have a trustworthy friend from Nemract, Phief I believe. He usually sends me all the survival necessities weekly.
  • Zhight: I say usually, as we haven't received our food and supplies shipment in months.
  • Zhight: He has never been late on an order before... I fear the worst.
  • Zhight: Last I heard he was on his way to Mage Island. He often stops there to gather what he needs for the trip.
  • Zhight: Please, try to find him for me. The citizens of Zhight need you!

Stage 2[edit | edit source]

» Find Phief on Mage Island.


  • Phief: Hello there. I see Zhight has sent you, correct?
  • Phief: I do hope he isn't mad at me. I fully intended to bring the supplies to him.
  • Phief: But things took a turn for the worst quickly, and I no longer have access to my ship.
  • Phief: A madman jumped onto my ship, overpowered me, and held me hostage.
  • Phief: He was telling me how he wanted to "take back what was stolen from him", and it looked like he was heading to Maro Peaks.
  • Phief: I have no clue whether he was deranged, paranoid, or if someone really did take something from him.
  • Phief: I am certain of one thing. Nobody is going to sail my boat but me. I took my first chance to escape, broke the controls.
  • Phief: And I swam back to land, here. Problem is, I haven't exactly decided how I'll get the ship back for myself.
  • Phief: Maybe you can help me with that. The ship should still be stuck, due north of here. I'd love to get my sea legs back.

Stage 3[edit | edit source]

» Find Phief's lost viking ship near the Ice Islands and talk to Tirt on the ship.


  • Tirt: He told you what?! That fumbleknuckle...
  • Tirt: We didn't steal the ship from Phief, we were taking back what he stole from us years ago!
  • Tirt: He attacked us on our way home to Maro Peaks, kicked us off the boat, and sailed it to who-knows-where.
  • Tirt: We didn't think we would ever get it back, until we started seeing him sailing to that doofbumble Zhight.
  • Tirt: Luckily, he decided to claim an island so close to Maro Peaks, or else we would have never seen him.
  • Tirt: My father started following him with a small sailboat he made, and decided on the perfect place to attack.
  • Tirt: Though, of course Phief had to throw a hissy fit and leave us stranded here.
  • Tirt: My father took a paddleboat back to Maro Peaks to gather supplies. He took the cargo the ship had with him.
  • Tirt: If you need that, you should go talk to him. His name is Czytash.

Stage 4[edit | edit source]

» Find Czytash in Maro Peaks to get Zhight's supplies.


  • Czytash: Ah, yes, I did find plenty o' supplies on that ship.
  • Czytash: I assumed it was more of Phief's thiefed goods, so I took it home to use it myself.
  • Czytash: It is Zhight's supplies you say?
  • Czytash: Aye, of course it had to be that lunatic's.
  • Czytash: I guess me thinking he's crazy is no reason for me to let him starve... Here, take the crate.
  • Czytash: I haven't opened it yet, so everything is left exactly how he ordered it.
  • Czytash: I wonder what is on that numbskull's menu, that crate smelled rancid. Almost threw it off me boat.
  • Czytash: Anyways, good luck on your adventure matey.
  • Czytash: Sorry, what was that? My son?
  • Czytash: Ah, I figured it is about time he learned how to maneuver a boat. I fixed everything before I left.
  • Czytash: When he returns, he will return a man.
  • Czytash: Wait, why am I telling you this? Butt out of my personal life, and just bring the man his crate.

Stage 5[edit | edit source]

» Tell Zhight what you've found.


  • Zhight: Oy! There you are. I just about thought you went missing with him!
  • Zhight: Oh, Phief was a thief you say? Huh. Who would have guessed.
  • Zhight: As long as I can smell the sweet scent of my Zhight Tea again, I'm sure I can get over it.
  • Zhight: I guess I'll have to find a new supplier... Oh well.
  • Zhight: Well, you certainly deserve a reward for finishing the delivery.
  • Zhight: I will give you the best gift. It's my new currency, Zhight Money!
  • Zhight: It will make you rich, I tell you! I guess I trust you enough to use our Grand Exchange, too. Enjoy!

Tips[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This quest used to give you Zhight Potions, which are no longer obtainable.