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Wynn Province

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Wynn Province TerritoryIcon.png
Other Information
Wynn Province was the first province and continent released in-game.

The Wynn Province is the first province that the player encounters. Currently there are 9 major settlements: Ragni, Troms, Nesaak, Nemract, Detlas, Selchar, Rymek, Lusuco and Almuj with a number of islands near the Ocean. The province is still vastly undiscovered, with only very few brave souls going out and exploring it. From dark mystic forests to large colorful canyons and winding rivers, the province sustains a vast diversity of locations and enemies as well.

Storyline in brief[edit | edit source]

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NOTE: If you want to read the whole storyline, you can go to this page.

Before villager's arrival (B.v.a)[edit | edit source]

The Wynn province is a very old province, the first province humans settled in. Ragni and Troms were the strongest holds humans built, with Ancient Nemract functioning as the province's main port. After years, humans found the Nether portal and decided to go through, finding large amounts of emeralds. However, humans dug too deep and their greed awakened the Corrupted army, which destroyed most of the province, completely wiping out Ancient Nemract. Later in the war, the Humans found a ship of unknown design on the shore of the Ocean, belonging to the Villagers of the Gavel Province.

After villager's arrival (A.v.a)[edit | edit source]

The Villagers built a village of Maltic, however the Corrupted army didn't seem interested in attacking them. Humans sought aid in their battle against the Corrupted army, however Villagers were not interested in helping them, as their only interest was profit. As defeated humans were getting ready to leave, a villager spotted a shining, green emerald in a pouch of a powerful assassin, stopping them, for an alliance might be forged, after all. So an alliance was forged, just as Maltic was getting overpopulated, humans agreed the villagers should occupy houses of deceased humans. As towns became mainly populated with Villagers, monsters stopped attacking them. Cities like Detlas and Almuj were built, and trading routes established. This is where the player enters the game.

Major Regions and Territories[edit | edit source]

The Province of Wynn is a vast area, encompassing a large variety of large regions and territories. And being so vastly uncharted, it is very likely that even more remain outside of the provinces current boundaries, past the seemingly impassable mountain barrier that surrounds the known world.

  • Ragni Outskirts - Located west of Ragni is an unnamed mountainous region referred to as the Ragni Outskirts, it serves as a tutorial and early training ground for players entering the game, introducing concepts such as purchasing, spells, and allied mobs. The valley itself is rather large, and it contains several hidden side valleys which the player can explore.
  • Plains of Ragni - Once the player escapes the hostile tutorial area, they are greeted by Ragni, an ancient citadel built upon a large field. This field is home to many of the province's farms, harvesting plenty of wheat to trade and sell, alongside animal products produced in the nearby Katoa Ranch. The area's main road is known as the emerald trail.
  • Coastal Plains - Wynn's Northern region consists primarily of the Coastal plains, a far extending region encompassing the towns of Nemract and Maltic. Most of the region is well explored, though many areas remain uncolonized. The long coastline contains many relics of the past, including shipwrecks and hidden caves filled with loot and ruins.
  • Nivla Woods - All who wish to travel from Ragni to Detlas must pass through Nivla, the largest forest in Wynn. However, not all those who do make it out alive. Survivors tell tales of giant spiders that feast on unwary travellers who get lost in the woods. All these rumors have discouraged major settlement in the forest for a long time with only one hardy group managing to create a surviving settlement at Nivla Village.
  • Detlas Plains - The largest grassland in the province contains the great city of Detlas at its center. Despite having a large population, growing every year as more and more villagers leave Maltic and other towns in search of jobs, most of the plains region remains unsettled. The plains also provide a great location for growing apples and raising livestock, much of which is done in Detlas' suburban region.
  • Savannah - Travellers heading east of the Detlas Plains will eventually find themselves in the Savannah, a hot and dry region home to a vast number of wild ocelots. These deadly cat-like animals are capable of tearing an unprepared adventurer to shreds. Cutting through the savannah is a road referred to as the Black Road, which leads towards the Desert city of Almuj and the savannah towns of Ternaves and Bremminglar.
  • Desert of Almuj - If you ask a citizen of Wynn: "What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words, 'Scorching', 'Miserable', or 'Sandy',?" chances are they'll ask if you speak of the Desert of Almuj. A large region dominated by ancient clay formations and archaeological excavation sites, this desert is home to tombs, oases and lots of sand. But despite the desert's infamous reputation as a hellish land filled with giant scarabs and sand spiders, it is also a place of wealth and prosperity. The grand city of Almuj on the Desert's savannah border is a monument to that feature.
  • Mesa - South of the Desert is the location of a huge canyon, a colorful monument carved by a river visible below the canyon's walls. Home to the province's principle gold mines, the canyon is home to a rich collection of minerals, much of which is sold in the great market of Rymek. The canyon is home to a large number of dangerous birds known as canyon condors, and rumors exist of an unusually large condor that can breathe fire. This large beast supposedly nests on a plateau in the upper canyon.
  • Elkurn Fields - The southern plains near Detlas are characterized by numerous lakes and rivers, and these plains are centered around the small mushroom growing town of Elkurn. The plains are home to many unusual locations, such as the Tower of Amnesia, an ancient lake full of ruins, a towering bridge, and the terrifying Roots of Corruption.
  • Nesaak Forest, Frozen Mountains and the Ice Canyon - Farther south of Elkurn fields, one may find the temperature dropping severely, for the Forests of Nesaak are a very cold place. Snow-covered pines grow in every direction, wolves roam freely in the woods without care for anything but food to eat, and sightings of unusual snowmen like creatures are common. The dangerous area's only safe haven is the town of Nesaak, a small fishing village on a long frozen lake. Surrounding the forest on 3 sides are the Nesaak mountains, highly uncharted territories that sink to the Ice Canyon. This Ice Canyon is a truly miserable place, dominated by a massive tower, with only one safe haven from misery known as Lusuco.
  • Twain Valley Those who have a fear of ghosts stay far away at all times from the unusual valley of Twain, a lush valley home to the source of Wynn's greatest river. The valley is not colonized by any humans or villagers for that matter, though the company WynnExcavation owns a parcel of land there, and the long forgotten Mansion of Twain at the back of the valley does have a few residents, thought they aren't quite alive.
  • Troms and the Jungle - One of the most dangerous places in the province, the Jungle is home to a variety of deadly creatures that are known to mutilate any adventurer that dares to cross them. Yet despite the area's danger, 3 settlements can be found scattered throughout, namely the major city of Troms, the Jungle Village, and a small settlement by the Great Bridge.
  • Dernel Jungle - However dangerous the Troms jungle may be, its dangers are nothing compared to the overgrown Jungle of Dernel. Here lies a perilous land of wild beasts and strange powers at work, from ancient magics to creatures of corruption. Others explain the presence of ancient ruined temples and even a huge manor located in the western portion of the Jungle.
  • Time Valley - Nearby the Elkurn Fields is Time Valley, a strange place known for its time magic. Time moves slower here, and many mages and scientists have theorized about this unusual phenomenon. It is known for a door in the midst of ruins, slowly creaking open...
  • Pigmen's Ravine is a little area to the south of Ragni. It is populated by pigmen and villagers in Ravine Village and passage to Troms.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Wynn (Ƿ) is a letter from the old English alphabet, and the equivalence to the modern letter "W". In Wynncraft's early stages of development, the project was referred to by "W" as an abbreviation for "World."