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Species Unknown
Level 75
Quest Tower of Ascension
Health 54000
Special Drops Crystal Shard [Floor 3 - Level 10]
Elemental Effects
Earth Damage, Defense
Thunder Damage
Air Weakness

Witch-Doctor is the third boss of the Tower of Ascension, and is found at the top of Floor 3. It is a level 75 mob, that possesses a unique fighting style. It summons a clone, heals, and shoots projectiles. When killed, it drops the "Crystal Shard [Floor 3 - Level 10]", given to the Floor Master to advance to Floor 4.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Witch-Doctor is a Baby Zombie with a jack-o-lantern-esque melon head and no other armor. It stands in a typical zombie position, wielding a stick-like wand (for which the texture can be seen on certain obtainable wand-type weapons).

Location[edit | edit source]

Witch-Doctor is found at the top of Floor 3 of the Tower of Ascension.

Combat[edit | edit source]

The player should be careful of the Witch-Doctor's highly unique fighting style, as it can pose a challenge to low-damage players. Its main attack is a sword-texture projectile, shot at medium speed towards the player. Strafing the boss at proper range as a Mage or Archer avoids it almost entirely, while Assassins or Warriors may not have such luck. Its notable spells are a knockback attack (flinging the player across the room, but dealing no real damage) and an approximately 10,000 HP heal. Some time into the battle, Witch-Doctor spawns a clone of itself, able to do essentially what the Witch-Doctor does at half power: it has 27,000 HP (half of the Witch-Doctor's 54,000) and deals half damage, with the same weaknesses. Notably, the clone can damage the original and vice-versa. Besides these techniques, the Witch-Doctor acts as a standard projectile enemy and can be strategized against as such.

  • For mages, Meteors do well in attacking both the boss and the clone, as well as dealing enough damage to negate the boss' heal. Ice snake is not particularly valuable due to the boss' stationary nature, but may come in handy in keeping the clone and original lined up. Remember to strafe the boss and heal when necessary.
  • Archers have many options: play at a distance and snipe the original down while ignoring the clone, or play up close with spells and try to out-do the boss' heal. Either way, the range that archers inherently have make avoiding the boss' projectiles quite easy.
  • Warriors should likely play up close and personal, attempting to out-do the boss' heal with straight damage. Spells which can target both the clone and the original are excellent choices. The knockback spell should prove no real challenge with a Charge spell back to the boss.
  • Assassins can use Vanish to recuperate as no other mobs spawn, and its inherent group-focused spells can make dealing with the boss & its clone quite simple. Blinding the boss with spin attack negates the projectiles, and shredding the boss down at melee range is not a bad idea. Be wary of the boss' knockback spell, as it can set you a ways away at the boss' preferred range.

Overall, this boss' unique style and heal spell will likely prove a challenge to the player. Strategy and effective damage are key in maintaining a lead in this fight, and the player should most definitely be careful.