Hostile Mobs (Gavel)

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This is the list of all hostile mobs in the Gavel Province except for:
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Llevigar Plains[edit | edit source]

Image Name Level Health Abilities Elemental Stats Drop(s) Location
Goblincutter.png Goblin Cutter 40 Llevigar plains
Saguinespiderswarm.png Saguine Spider Swarm 40 Llevigar plains
Warg.png Warg 40 Llevigar plains
Cavetroll.png Cave Troll 42 Llevigar plains
Saguinespiderbroody.png Saguine Spider Broody 42 Llevigar plains
Orcwarrior.png Orc warrior 44 Llevigar plains
Orcberserker.png Orc Berkserker 46 Llevigar plains
Orcbloodrager.png Orc Bloodrager 48 Llevigar plains
Orcskimrisher.png Orc Skimisher 50 Llevigar plains
Kappadumpa.png Kappa Dumpa 60 Llevigar plains