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Weapons are items that allow you to damage mobs and players in Wynncraft. Each class has its own type of weapon; Warriors use Spears, Mages use Wands, Archers use Bows, and Assassins use Daggers. For more information about the types of weapons, see Weapons.

Item Name

✤Neutral|✤Earth|✦Thunder|❉Water|✹Fire|❋Air Damage: [Number]-[Number]

| Lv. Min: [Number]
| Str|Dex|Intel|Def|Agil Min: [Number]

+[Number]|-[Number] [Identification]

[Number/Number] Slots
Depressing|Normal|Unique|Rare|Legendary|Mythic|Set Item

Acquiring Weapons[edit | edit source]

You can get weapons from looting chests. As with other level-based items, the level requirements of weapons found in loot chests will tend to be around the level of nearby mobs, or around your level if there are no mobs nearby. You can also get weapons from mob drops. The higher the level of the mob, the higher average weapon level it will drop. You can increase your chance of finding more weapons (Uniques, Rares, Legendaries, and Mythics) by having the Loot Bonus identification on the weapon and equipment with which you kill the mob. In most major towns and cities, as well as a few other locations there are Weapon Merchants, from whom you can buy Normal to Legendary weapons.

Attack Speeds[edit | edit source]

There are seven different attack speeds your weapon can have. These are as follows from fastest to slowest. Super Fast, Very Fast, Fast, Normal, Slow, Very Slow, and Super Slow. You can determine your weapon's attack speed by looking underneath the item name. Attack speed also applies a hidden spell damage multiplier which affects your damage dealt from spells. Faster attack speed weapons have a higher spell multiplier and slower weapons have a lower spell multiplier.

  • Super Fast - 4 Hits Per Second
  • Very Fast - 3.3 Hits Per Second
  • Fast - 2.6 Hits Per Second
  • Normal - 2 Hits Per Second
  • Slow - 1.3 Hits Per Second
  • Very Slow - 0.7 Hits Per Second
  • Super Slow - 0.51 Hits Per Second

Weapon Types[edit | edit source]

There are five types of weapons that can be found. Those are Normal, Unique, Rare, Legendary, Mythic, and Depressing. You can determine what type an item is by checking the color of the name, and by looking at the lore.

Normal Weapons[edit | edit source]

Normal weapons have white names, and have, generally, much lower amounts of damage compared to Uniques, Rares, and Legendaries of similar levels. They are the most common of the item types, they do not have identifications, and can be bought at Weapon Merchants.

For a full list, go to Normal.

Unique Weapons[edit | edit source]

Unique weapons have yellow names, and the words "Unique Item" in their lore. Unique items are identified at the identifier for a cost. They are more common than Rares and Legendaries, but rarer than a Normal. Uniques have the ability to be identified with the power of Emeralds. Some are available at Weapon Merchants, but are more expensive than Basics.

For a full list, go to Unique.

Rare Weapons[edit | edit source]

Rare weapons have magenta names, and "Rare Item" in their lore. They also need to be identified, and may have slightly better ID's and elemental power than a Unique. These items are more common than a Legendary, but rarer than a Unique or Basic. They are rarely available at Weapon Merchants, and they are more expensive than a Normal or Unique.

For a full list, go to Rare.

Legendary Weapons[edit | edit source]

Legendary weapons are light blue in color, and have "Legendary Item" in their lore. Most Legendaries have a very unique backstory located in the lore, to note their role in history. Legendary weapons are in a high tier, being rarer than a Rare but more common than a Mythic. They have some of the best identifications and elemental power in the game.

For a full list, go to Legendary.

Set Weapons[edit | edit source]

There are only two set weapons. There is a spear called the Pigman Battle Hammer, which along with the Pigman Helmet makes the Pigman Set, in addition to the Staff of the Dark Vexations, which along with the Mask of the Dark Vexations makes the Vexing Set. Armor Sets are far more common.

Mythic Weapons[edit | edit source]

Mythic weapons are dark purple in color, and have "Mythic Item" in their lore. Mythics are the rarest weapons and have some of the best identifications and elemental power known. Due to their nature, they have a backstory located in the lore. There are a very few number of Mythics for each class, and they have a very low drop rate.

For a full list go to Mythic.

Depressing Weapons[edit | edit source]

Depressing weapons are seemingly useless items that do 0-1 damage, and have a minimum level of 1. They have a low drop rate, and they are required for the quest "Bob's Lost Soul".

Icon Weapon Name Damage Min. Level

Depressing Spear 0-1 1

Depressing Stick 0-1 1

Depressing Bow 0-1 1

Depressing Dagger 0-1 1

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The weapon format cell in the introduction of this article lacks the remark about Set Items.
  • The highest amount of damage possible in a single hit is possible by using the Infused Hive Bow with all the elemental stats, while using the Bomb Arrow spell and with any amount of dexterity points. Having strength will not affect this, as dexterity and strength do not stack (i.e. if double damage activates, strength points won't apply).
  • The spell that does the most damage is the Archer’s arrow storm, potentially being able to do over 200k damage in a spell while using Grandmother, even without critical hits affecting any arrows. Next, is Dizver , at about 100k. This is followed by the Assassin’s Smoke Bomb, which can potentially do 68k damage while using Cataclysm. Following that is the Assassin’s Multihit, which can potentially do up to 53k Damage, once again using Cataclysm.
  • You can calculate your weapons approximate melee damage per second by adding up your weapon's minimum and maximum damage and dividing by 2 and multiplying by the attack speed.

Formula: [(Min. Damage + Max. Damage) / 2] * AttackSpeed
Example: Infused Hive Spear 250-400dmg, Normal Attack Speed.
((250+400)/2)*2=650 Damage per second (DPS)