Volt Goat

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Volt Goat
Volt Goat.png
Species Goat
Level 75
Location Light Forest
Health 11000
Drops Volt Goat Horn
Elemental Effects
Neutral None

The Volt Goat is a rare mob killed for its Volt Goat Horn used in the quest Finding The Light. Upon killing, it exclusively drops a Volt Goat Horn, which is needed in the quest Finding The Light. Because it is a passive mob, it will not inflict any damage upon anybody who may encounter it. However, it does have a relatively considerable amount of health.

Location[edit | edit source]

The Volt Goat is a yellow sheep mob that spawns in the Light Forest at -970, -4739 on a yellow patch on the ground.

It can be found by the river, at the coordinates -968 -4743