Volt Goat

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Volt Goat
Volt Goat.png
Volt Goat Information
Type Sheep
Level 75
Location Light Forest
Health 11000
Special Drops Volt Goat Horn
Elemental Effects
Neutral None

The Volt Goat is a rare mob killed for its Volt Goat Horn used in the quest Finding The Light. Upon killing, it exclusively drops a Volt Goat Horn, which is needed in the quest Finding The Light. Because it is a passive mob, it will not inflict any damage upon anybody who may encounter it. However, it does have a relatively considerable amount of health.

Location[edit | edit source]

The Volt Goat is a yellow sheep mob that spawns in the Light Forest. Although it is considered to be rare, it has been found to spawn more in the area of the forest near Dodegar (the south side).