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Hello Mrtvazivotinja here.I think the +Agility min and such should be colored red together with all Negative Effects. I use wynndata for my editing as well and am planing to update the list from head to would be useful and I'd be grateful if you take part of the job. Am currently on vacation so my editing will be slow because I'm working on a tablet. I'll have my desktop on the 6th August and then I'll speed it up. Could you take on updating 2 star and 3 star items? My plan is to update the list and then color the effects and add pages for items just like on wynndata. I'll take on 0 star and 1 star items. Don't forget to sort them by level. Thanks Mrtvazivotinja (talk) 15:54, 3 August 2019 (UTC)Mrtvazivotinja