Undergrowth Ruins

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Undergrowth Ruins DungeonIcon.png
Undergrowth Ruins Icon
Coordinates X: -660, Z: -835
Suggested Level 54
Reward As follows:
Monsters Mahamba (Lv. 54)
Ferox Slime (Lv. 54)
Statue Knight (Lv. 54)
Noshorning (Lv. 54)
Native Slingra (Lv. 54)
Jettelik Slime (Lv. 55)
Mellan Slime (Lv. 55)
Lilla Slime (Lv. 55)
Rakkaus Slime (Lv. 54)
Boss Slykaar (Lv. 65)
Shyve Slime (Lv. 54)
Slime Piece (Lv. 55)
Battle 55%
Puzzle 0%
Parkour 45%

This dungeon has a corrupted variant; see Corrupted Undergrowth Ruins.

"Though Troms is known as the strongest city in Wynn, the experiments undertaken to produce living weapons was a catastrophe for the citadel. The living sludge now condemned to the undergrowth, is slowly growing to consume all."

- WynnCraft Help Guide

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Undergrowth Ruins is a level 54 Dungeon located east of Troms in the southeast of the lake. The boss of the dungeon is Slykaar, a sacrificial shaman who previously held the title as the guardian of Troms, now looking to siege the city and throw it under the corruptions reign.

To gain access to the Dungeon the player has to complete the level 52 Dungeon Quest Corrupted Betrayal, which is started by talking to the Troms Mage trying to break the barrier blocking the entrance.

A list of the items you're able to purchase with the rewards from this Dungeon can be found on the Dungeon Merchant page.

Guide[edit | edit source]


  • ???: I can sense your life force... it is very powerful. I shall take pleasure in draining it from your body!

Phase 1[edit | edit source]

The first phase is a parkour challenge. To make the jumps, you will have to use the jump pads. Make sure to not hold spacebar or shift while jumping on the slime blocks, since you will lose a lot of height.

Phase 2[edit | edit source]

In the second phase, you have to escort a Keystone Guardian to the next door. Statue Knights (lv. 54) will attack you and the Keystone. If you don't kill all of the Statue Knights in an area, the Keystone Guardian won't move on. You need the Keystone Guardian to open the door.


  • The door suddenly opens, as if the Keystone Guardian's presence activated it...

Phase 3[edit | edit source]


  • Slykaar: Troms used to beckon to my every need and desire... Even sacrifice it's own children for my magical defense!
  • Slykaar: But as soon as that hero of heroes turned up... I was cast away.

The third phase is a parkour challenge, into a fighting challenge. The parkour challenge uses jump pads once again, but it also uses vines. When you jump on the jump pad you get just enough height to grab onto the vines on the side of the next platform, when you complete the parkour you enter a room with 4 pillars, you have to fight mobs to collect Tokens. You use these tokens to bring down the pillars, to collect the blue tokens at the top of the pillars. The pillars and blue tokens will respawn not long after. Make sure there is actually a blue token at the top of the pillar before you bring it down.

Phase 4[edit | edit source]

The fourth phase is another parkour challenge. This time in a really large room with way more jump pads. Just like the first phase, to use the jump pads, don't hold spacebar or shift.

Phase 5[edit | edit source]


  • Slykaar: Now the city will truly get to witness what power they have discarded...They will see they made the wrong call.
  • Slykaar: Then the corruption will take over the city. Then who will they call? Bob has been missing for years. Fools!

In the fifth phase, you have to collect 24 Tokens by killing the slimes that spawn in the room. The slimes divide into 2 that each divide again to 2. when you kill them, only the smallest slimes drop Tokens. The door is at the top of the path going upwards.

Boss Phase[edit | edit source]


  • Slykaar: Nothing and no one will stop me from sieging the city. Not even you!

The boss fight of this dungeon has multiple phases, the boss is Slykaar. His first form is a large slime. When you kill that slime, he turns into a slightly smaller slime. When you kill the third slime he turns into his normal, humanoid form.


  • Slykaar: You have made the sacrifices of many be in total vain!

In his normal form, Slykaar has multiple abilities. The first one he uses gives you blindness, while he teleports to another place in the room. He also has a basic teleport spell and a spell which knocks you back.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This dungeon replaced the Jungle Mini-Dungeon as of the 1.14.1 Gameplay Update
  • Various enemies in the dungeon have names derived from Swedish and Finnish. These include:
    • Native Slingra; slingra means slither.
    • Noshorning; noshörning means rhinoceros.
    • The slimes from phase 5; jättelik means huge, mellan means medium, lilla means small, but is used wrongly as it's used to refer to direct objects.
    • Rakkaus slime; rakkaus means love, these mobs have been deleted from the dungeon in the 1.19 update
    • The small slimes in the boss room: Vointi means health in finnish and takertuva means sticky, hence why vointi slime heals and takertuva slime sticks onto you.

Video Walkthrough[edit | edit source]