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Twain Lake

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Twain Lake NaturalIcon.png
Twain Lake.png
Picture of Twain Lake
Coordinates X: 59, Z: -434
Access Points 87, -572
Suggested Level 45
Other Amenities Item Identifier
Quest Starts WynnExcavation Site B
The House of Twain
Type/Biomes Swampland
Monsters Phantom
Howling Phantom
Headless Horseman
Disembodied Head
Boss Phantom Twain
Uses Quests

The Twain Lake is a natural lake near the House of Twain. It is home to the quests WynnExcavation Site B and The House of Twain. There are no mobs that spawn inside of the lake, but a lot of the time mobs spawn on the edge and walk into the lake. With the mobs and the fact that it is water, it can be hard to get through here as a low leveled player.