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Troll Savage
Troll Savage.png
Level 82
Location Canyon of the Lost
Health 4450
Troll Hair

Trolls are a green humanoid species found throughout the province of Gavel, but mostly in the Canyon of the Lost. They commonly drop Troll Hair.

Types of Troll[edit | edit source]

Image Name Level Health Defense Damage Attack Method Location Drop(s)
Cave Troll.png Cave Troll 40 700 - Neutral Damage Melee Tunnel from Llevigar to Karoc Quarry
Cave outside Llevigar

Troll Hair
Relocated Troll.png Relocated Troll 54 1550 - Neutral Damage Melee Surrounding Sherk's Hut in the Olux Swamp -
Troll Savage.png Troll Savage 82 4450 - Neutral Damage Ranged (Axes) Canyon of the Lost
Troll Hair