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Tribal Merchant

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Tribal Merchant
Type Armour Merchant
Location Iboju Village
Total 1 Merchants

The Tribal Merchant sells masks to adventurers who can brave the Tribal Sanctuary boss altar multiple times.

Location[edit | edit source]

 Location   Jungle Village   X   -765   Y      Z   -671 

The Tribal Merchant is located on the first tent to the right from the entrance of the Iboju Village, next to a Loot Chest.

Items[edit | edit source]

The Tribal Merchant sells legendary masks based around each element. All masks require The Passage to be complete, cost 20 Antic Beads, and have 2 slots.

Icon Name Type Requirements Health Elemental Defense Identifications Slots
Mask Rage.png Mask of Rage Legendary Lv. Min 57
Strength Min 30
1050♥ +40 Earth +10% Loot Bonus
+5 Strength
+25% Melee Damage
+20% Earth Damage
Mask Hate.png Mask of Hate Legendary Lv. Min 57
Dexterity Min 30
1100♥ +20 Thunder +10% Loot Bonus
+5 Dexterity
+30 Raw Melee Damage
+20% Thunder Damage
Mask Enlightenment.png Mask of Enlightenment Legendary Lv. Min 57
Intelligence Min 30
750♥ +60 Water +2/4s Mana Regen
+10% Loot Bonus
+5 Intelligence
+10% Spell Damage
+20% Water Damage
Mask Courage.png Mask of Courage Legendary Lv. Min 57
Defense Min 30
1400♥ +100 Fire +20% Health Regen
+10% Loot Bonus
+5 Defense
+500 Health
+20% Fire Damage
Mask Fear.png Mask of Fear Legendary Lv. Min 57
Agility Min 30
1000♥ +80 Air +10% Loot Bonus
+5 Agility
+15% Walk Speed
+20% Air Damage

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Images of the mask stats as they appear in-game.