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An example of a trading window. The yellow check mark indicates that both traders have agreed to continue the trade, however it is not finished yet.

Trading is a feature added to Wynncraft that allows players to trade certain items between one another. This method is a safer way to trade items instead of dropping them on the ground, a method that many people chose to do. Simply type /trade [player name] or shift + right-click to trade. Then the player will have to place the item they want to trade with each other in their own 'area'. To continue the trade click the check on your side of the box. Once both players continue, the player has to click confirm to trade successfully.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Always use the Trading window to trade. Never drop items on the ground to trade as it is very easy for scammers to simply get your item without paying and run away.
  • The trade will only continue if both players press the red check, then the yellow check, then the green check. This is a safety measure for players who might accidentally press "Confirm" without being ready.
  • Always check which side of the trade window is yours. It depends on which player requested the trade and which player accepted it.
  • You cannot trade Untradable and Quest Items.