Tower of Ascension (Quest)

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Tower of Ascension
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Tower of Ascension
Province Wynn
Level 40
Starter NPC Ankou
Reward As follows:

Tower of Ascension is one of the most difficult quests in Wynncraft, and arguably the most difficult in the province of Wynn. It will test the player's skills throughout series of fights that might require the player to request help from others. The quest starts at Tower of Ascension where they have to talk to Ankou, who gives you the task to clear every single floor of the tower. (Note: Some enemy health points may be outdated)

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Ankou is the NPC who starts and ends the quest, and provides the only dialogue. The floormaster on each level of the Tower will only tell you that it needs tokens, or that you can proceed.

Starting the Quest[edit | edit source]

  • Ankou: Hehehe... Hello there.
  • Ankou: Welcome to the Tower of Ascension!
  • Ankou: I challenge you to reach the final floor!
  • Ankou: Have you got what it takes to conquer it?
  • Ankou: Perhaps you would like to know the layout of the tower first? Hehehehe...
  • Ankou: There are 7 floors in this tower, each with ten levels.
  • Ankou: Each floor has nine regular levels and one boss level.
  • Ankou: To pass a regular level, you must collect ten tokens from the challenge on that level, and one token from boss levels.
  • Ankou: After you beat a whole floor, you will return here and you can begin the next one...
  • Ankou: So, what do you say? Hehehe...
  • Ankou: Turn left and head to the first floor...if you dare...

Ending the Quest[edit | edit source]

  • Ankou: You have completed my tower, I see...
  • Ankou: Did you enjoy Death? I know him, very well...
  • Ankou: Few have conquered such an extreme challenge.
  • Ankou: Those who do are the ultimate warriors of this land.
  • Ankou: They deserve only the best equipment.
  • Ankou: Here, have these, you earned it... Hehehehe...

Floors[edit | edit source]

There are 7 floors each of them containing 10 levels, for a total of 70 rooms in the tower. At the first 9 levels for each floor you have to kill mobs to receive 10 tokens, which you'll have to give to the Floormaster to let you ascend to the next level. In the tenth level of each floor is a powerful boss, which must be killed once to unlock the next floor. If you die on a given level for each floor, your progress will be saved and you can skip each level by just talking to the level guard.

The list of mobs in the floors can be found here: Tower of Ascension (Location)

  • After completion of the 7 floors, go and speak to Ankou for a final dialogue and the reward.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The XP reward of the Tower of Ascension quest scales with your level and is supposed to be finished at around level 70-75. You will get significantly less XP if you finish it at level 40.
  • Floors 1's Boss, Snow Bear, is extremely easy. Simply corner him and spam your basic attack. Use your attack spell once in a while.
  • Floor 2's boss, Argaddon, is almost just as weak, except that it has a massive amount of Health, unlike Snow Bear. Simply spam your attack spell and use Heal, War Scream, Vanish or Escape to boost your offense and defense. Remember to drink your potions (be it Mana or HP).
  • Floor 3's boss, Witch Doctor, is a little harder than the two previous bosses. Try to avoid its hits before closing in for damage. If you are level 50 or before, you can use Cooler (If it has 50+ raw spell), or Avalanche if you're not a Mage, Blasphemy/Marius' Prison (Marius' Prison benefits Mage more because of the decent Raw Spell, if you don't want want to grind for a 4/4s MS good Raw spell or 5/4s ms, or get 6 Ice Barrows runs for Blasphemy, any Chestplate can work then, Raw Spell is the main reason Marius' Prison beats Blasphemy, if you already have 4+ IB runs from other playthroughs, you can use Blasphemy), Holy Greaves, and Giant Step (Though Sano's Wisdom can replace it at 51). Any weapon with good Intelligence boosting, or Mana regen or Damage can work. Deadeye can kill him within seconds. Marius' Prison won't be much better then Blasphemy if you're not a Mage.
  • Floor 4's boss, Guardian, is a boss who has good Charge. This means you should strafe around when Guardian has his white particles up.
  • Floor 5's boss, Chained Beast, is perhaps one of the hardest bosses in the Tower of Ascension. Its charge ability can one-shot the unwary, and is supremely accurate. If you wish to solo it, the best class for beating Chained Beast would be the Archer or the Mage. For Archer, use Escape and sprint around the boss, using Bomb Arrow when the boss begins Charge. For mage, use a combination Meteor and Ice Snake to deal high damage while immobilizing him, if you don't have a mana based set-up, use Ice snake when white particles appear to stop him. A high damage build can kill him in around a minute or two. Again, strafe around when he has his white particles on. If you are level 65, use Ultramarine Set, for Archer, and Warrior, use Draoi Fair (And Dragon Eye if possible to cycle Arrow Storm with Bomb Arrow), other classes can benefit from Dragon Eye Bracelet. You should bring HP pots unless you are a Shaman or Mage.
    • There are cobwebs in the boss room, and some are on the floor. It is possible to knock the boss into the cobweb and then do ranged attacks before the boss charges again. This is possible with all classes, but ranged attacks (specifically from Archer) benefit the most from this strategy.
  • Floor 6's boss, Alkevo, is a patience boss. As of 1.14, Alkevo uses its suicide strike quite a lot more often, and is impossible to kill for the next 10 or so suicide strikes. Then he'll 'cool down', and that's the window of time you have to kill him before he starts up the suicide chain. Hence you should try to do as much damage as possible in the short period of time you are given.
  • Floor 7's last normal enemy, Ethereal Demigod uses Multi-Hit ability so strong it will one-shot almost anyone instantly, so watch out! Having at least 10000 HP is essential.
  • Floor 7's boss, Death, is not that hard. With the exception of the other bosses, Death is quite easy. Bring a good water weapon for maximum damage. If you wish to solo him, dps like crazy during the first stages of the battle, to lower Death as much as possible before all the other bosses spawn. Snow Bear will spawn first, then Argaddon/Guardian, then Chained Beast/Witch Doctor/Alkevö will spawn, making the battle even harder. If you wish to bring a party, it would be essential to bring a Mage along, as not only can they heal you in the midst of battle, they can also deal much damage to the enemy with meteor spells. At level 75, you should use Ultramarine set still, or 7/8 Morph + Blue mask as a tankier option (Though you'll lose 6-8/4s Mana regen and your 129 Intelligence). If you're a Mage, use Ethereal, or Pure as a much more expensive Wand, Thousand Waves/October Fires/Shine Suffocator (Thousand Waves is the best, Shine Suffocator as the worst) as a relik. Dragon's Tongue as Spear (Also Element Weakness abuse), Amadeus (Or if you can afford, Archangel) if you're an Assassin, and Maelstrom if you're an Archer.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • KEE-L Tron, the mob of Floor 5 Level 9, comes from a former Wynncraft builder called Kealtron.
  • Death, the last boss of the tower, isn't the actual spirit of Death, but an imposter, according to Doctor Legendary and Death himself.
  • Ankou is a reference to Ankou in Celtic folklore, who is Death's henchmen and collects souls on Death's behalf.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • Though the Champion Armour set is received upon completion of the quest, the rewards display doesn't include it.