Tower of Ascension (Location)

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Tower of Ascension SiteIcon.png
Tower Of Ascension
Discovery Lore
The tallest tower in the province, the Tower of Ascension provides a challenge so daunting that it has brought down even the strongest of warriors.
Coordinates X: -349, Z: -388
Minimum Suggested Level 45
Quest Starts Tower of Ascension

The Tower of Ascension is a 7 floor tower for levels 40-75, part of the Tower of Ascension quest begun at the NPC Ankou. The tower is located in the Ice Canyon. Every floor has 10 rooms with increasingly strong mobs. At the end of each floor, in the 10th room, you have to defeat a boss, with the final one being Death. This trial is sure to challenge even the most powerful of players, as the last floor has mobs over level 100.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A common acronym for Tower of Ascension is ToA.
  • Each floor has a certain theme, such as Nether-ish, Water-ish, etc.

Gallery[edit | edit source]