Time Valley

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Time Valley RegionIcon.png
The ruins in Time Valley
Discovery Lore
The ruins here have been present longer than the portal. Only one person alive today understands this strange place. Time acts strangely here and it's apparent that whoever made them were not human.
Coordinates X: -475, Z: -1236
Minimum Suggested Level 15
Involved Quests Deja Vu
Fate of the Fallen
Type/Biomes Valley
Other Information
The area was previously Pig Valley

The Time Valley is a large region east of the Pigmen's Ravine and southwest of Nivla Woods. There are a lot of ruins in the area and a huge door, the Door of Time. The valley has an elevated plateau on the west side and a river flowing west to east through it.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

Buildings[edit | edit source]

  • Several small and large ruins all over the valley
  • Door of Time
  • Temple of Time
  • A farm on the higher plateau where Insane Horses spawn

NPCs[edit | edit source]