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The Worm Holes

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The Worm Holes
Quest Info
Length Medium
Location Olux Swamp
Province Gavel
Level 54
Starter NPC Malo
Reward As follows:

The Worm Holes is a medium level 54 quest which revolves around the mysterious caves in the Olux Swamp.

Preview[edit | edit source]

Malo is investigating the mysterious caves that have popped up around the swamps and calls upon the player to help him discover the cause of these caves.

Stage 1[edit | edit source]

» Talk to Malo in the swamps.

 Location   Olux Swamp   X   -2062  Y   56  Z   -5415  Wynncraft Map 


  • Malo: Woah there, humey! Watch your footing!
  • Malo: The name's Malo, and I happen to be in charge of this here military outpost!
  • Malo: I'm having a bit of an issue, if ya'll couldn't tell.
  • Malo: Ya'll see these holes popping up all over the swamp, well I just can't get my head around what's causing 'em.
  • Malo: I've got some ideas, but each as unlikely as the next. Here, do us a favour.
  • Malo: Hop on in this here hole and see if ya'll can find any evidence of the critter that done this, around [4 different samples] should allow me to identify it.

Stage 2[edit | edit source]

» Find the Slimy Skin, Giant Teeth, Odd Scat and Sharp Scales, then return to Malo.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to opening the gate in the cave.
To open the gate, press the button at the east end of the cave


  • Malo: Welcome back, partner!
  • Malo: I see ya got some evidence, let's take a look.
  • Malo: My my, some big ol' teeth on this thing.
  • Malo: Very strong scales, ouch, sharp as a spear wielding naga!
  • Malo: Some uh, well uhm. Nevermind that...
  • Malo: Hmm, this skin's quite slimey, hmm that's wei-
  • Malo: Wait, no. No. No, it can't be that...they'd only be shedding if they had recently laid eggs...
  • Malo: I've asked a lot of y'all, but I need some more. If it's what I think it is, we're in deep trouble. See if y'all can find an [Egg] or two in these larger holes 'round here!

Stage 3[edit | edit source]

» Investigate the larger holes.

Stage 4[edit | edit source]

» Return to Malo with an unhatched egg.


  • Malo: Ugh. Just as I thought. This here's a Grootslang egg.
  • Malo: Foul beasts, they gorge their way through everything underground, the whole swamp could collapse!
  • Malo: I thought they were all gone, one hasn't been spotted in around a thousand years! That's why I thought it was so unlikely!
  • Malo: This is my final task for you pal. Head north of here to a final hole, in the lake, that must be its nest as it needs moisture. I just need you to investigate it, I wouldn't ask you to take on such a creature alone.

Stage 5[edit | edit source]

» Investigate the hole to the north in the lake.

 X   -2044  Y   50  Z   -5529  Wynncraft Map 


  • The Grootslang lies dead on the floor, it looks like it has small bite marks all over it.

Stage 6[edit | edit source]

» Return to Malo.


  • Malo: It was already dead?
  • Malo: Oh no, no. By the light, please no..
  • Malo: Those eggs you brought me before weren't fertilized. Probably not enough moisture.
  • Malo: However, if it's as dead as you say, it must have laid more that were fertilized. If one Grootslang could do that much damage, imagine what hundreds can do! Thank you for your assistance, but this has escalated into a provincial emergency. I wonder where the hatchlings are now.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • To get to the button and the Giant Teeth at the east end of the tunnel, parkour on the vines hanging on the walls and ceiling.