The Thanos Vaults

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The Thanos Vaults
Quest Info
Length Medium
Location Thanos
Level 81
Reward As follows

The Thanos Vaults is a medium level 81 quest, started in the underground Dwarven city of Thanos.

Preview[edit | edit source]

The player discovers the secret gold vaults beneath the city, and an extensive, roller-coaster-like minecart ride through the Thanos Vaults is a major feature of the quest.

Stage 1[edit | edit source]

» Speak to Dolem.

 X   131   Y   2   Z   -5295 


  • Dolem: Hello, adventurer. What brings you to Thanos? Travelling, I suppose.
  • Dolem: Say, while you're here, I could use your help with something. Something that might benefit both of us.
  • Dolem: You see, I am not a rich man. I barely have enough money to survive.
  • Dolem: But there is a way you can help me. Do you know of the treasure room in this city? It's just through this hallway.
  • Dolem: You see, the treasure in there is not real. It's fake, in case someone ever tries to steal it.
  • Dolem: The real treasure is inside a secret vault that I have discovered the entrance to. It's in the back of the treasure room.
  • Dolem: I don't know how to open it, however. That's where you come in. I need you to find out how to get inside.
  • Dolem: If I try to steal it, I'll be instantly caught, being a dwarf.
  • Dolem: But if you go and succeed, I'll give you some of my emeralds in exchange for the gold.
  • Dolem: Remember, the entrance to the secret vault is in the back of the treasure room. Good luck.

Stage 2[edit | edit source]

» Enter the secret vault in Thanos's treasure room.

 X   153   Y   6   Z   -5434 


  • This cave must lead to the secret dwarven vaults. But walking there would probably take a while...
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to Accessing the vault..
To get into the vault place an emerald on all the wooden pressure plates outside it

Stage 3[edit | edit source]

» Press the wooden button to call a minecart to go to Thanos's secret vault.

Stage 4[edit | edit source]

» Kill the Giant Troll and bring the gold back to Dolem.


  • Dolem: Very nice work. You have done well. I am rather impressed that you pulled that off so easily.
  • Dolem: This is more gold than I expected. But that^s not a bad thing, of course.
  • Dolem: I realized after you left that I forgot to tell you about the giant troll guardian. But I see that wasn't an issue.
  • Dolem: Now, we did have a deal. You deserve these emeralds. Impressive work.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Aside from when the player must push a button at (469,-6592) to progress, the super windy and long Minecart ride requires no interaction.
  • Try to bring a high damage setup so as to finish off the giant troll quicker, it has a lot of HP and significant regeneration. HP does not matter very much in the final fight as the giant troll is easily safe spotted.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The minecart system in the Thanos vaults seems to be inspired by the Gringotts Vaults, a similar underground system from the Harry Potter series.