The Realm of Light (Location)

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The Realm of Light TerritoryIcon.png
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Access Points Light Portal (Light's Secret)
Suggested Level 74
Quest Starts The Realm of Light
Type/Biomes The end
Other Information
Unlocked during Finding The Light
...This crisis doesn’t just affect us. This realm influences the magic of yours. If this place falls, then… well, you get the picture.
~ Aluxander

The Realm of Light is one of the known realms, and provides balance between darkness and light in the Gavel Province and elsewhere. The sky is perpetually gray and dark, possibly as a result of the darkness that has spread throughout the realm. It is covered in large, glowing mushrooms, while rivers of multicoloured light energy flow throughout the explorable area. Insects, wisps and fungal creatures can be found throughout the Realm of Light, and are all aggressive; in addition, the peaceful Heliolux make it their home, and are under siege by the corruption. This corruption is centered around small pockets of land scattered around the realm, where Succoru parasites and the Seeds of Corruption reside.

The music track "Light's Hymn" plays throughout the area.

Reaching the Realm of Light[edit | edit source]

The Realm of Light is first accessed immediately after completing the Finding The Light quest, the second quest in the Saving the Light questline. After acquiring Clearsight Spectacles, the player is sent by the Guardian of The Forest to find the Light Portal; after entering it, the player can talk to Aluxander at level 74 in order to start The Realm of Light. After Finding The Light, players can reach the portal by wearing the Clearsight Spectacles and travelling to the portal; the cave will then appear, and the realm will be accessible.

The Heliolux[edit | edit source]

Main article: Heliolux Village

The Realm is inhabited by the intelligent Heliolux, a species of floating beings made of light. They live mostly in their village, under the western mountains in the realm, and gain their power from a small “sun” in the centre of the village. This sun is directly linked to the life force of every Heliolux; if it were to become corrupted, they would all fade away and die, or possibly become Corrupt Heliolux. The Heliolux are skilled in magic, and some Heliolux mages guard the Runestone along with Gaclux, keeping Orphion sealed inside. They have also domesticated Light Dogs, creatures which they use to guard their village.

The Succoru[edit | edit source]

Main article: Succoru

The source of the Corruption in the Realm of Light are the Succoru parasites, creatures of darkness that were spawned by the greater parasite that initially corrupted Orphion. These creatures feed on light, and create eggs or “seeds”, which spread the Corruption further. This Corruption can affect both the terrain, and other living creatures nearby (such as Heliolux).

Link with Gavel[edit | edit source]

The light energy of the realm is directly linked to the life force of the Gavel Province (centered around the Dark and Kander Forests), and this bond plays a key role in the ongoing War of the Realms. During the Taproot quest, the Taproot itself states that the Realm of Light draws its energy from the goodness in Gavel, keeping both regions strong while Gavel remains pure. When the greed in Gavel began to take over and connection between the province and the realm, the darkness broke through into the Realm of Light and began spreading Corruption, in the form of the Succoru parasites. As the realm became corrupted, the darkness spread into Gavel in the form of The Decay.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Runestone in the Realm is covered in "Wynnic" text, reading "The Realm of Light" when translated.
    • Before the official release, the text on the Runestone was written in Elder Futhark (as shown in the Mysterious Ties trailer).