The Orange Wybel

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The Orange Wybel DungeonIcon.png
The Boss Altar
Discovery Lore
Coordinates X: 1296, Z: -4675
Suggested Level 95
Reward 640 Emeralds
Monsters Disintegrator (Lv. 110)
Disintegrator Core (Lv. 110)
Rowdy Wybel (Lv. 80)
Boss Orange Wybel
This is your last chance. I'm telling you. Turn right back around the way you came, or I can't be held responsible for what happens next.
~ The Orange Wybel

Location[edit | edit source]

 Location   Wybel Island   X   1296  Y     Z   -4675  Wynncraft Map 

The Wybel Boss Altar is located beneath the Wybel Island in the Sky Islands. It can be accessed by descending a waterfall into the void that passes by the southern edge of Wybel Island, and doing some simple parkour.

Activation[edit | edit source]

The Boss Altar is activated by right clicking with 20 Wybel Fluff in hand After activating the altar, you get teleported to the boss room. From there you can enter the boss arena.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Orange Wybel
Level 140
Health 540000
Damage ?
Elemental Properties
Damage 2448-6248 Neutral Damage

????: Oh... Looks like you found me out. I had been expecting you not to find this place. Ah well!
????: You know, I'll just give you a chance to leave. Just turn around. We can just forget this ever happened.
????: If you come into my room, I won't hesitate to kill you. Are you really gonna throw away your life just to see me?
????: This is your last chance. I'm telling you. Turn right back around the way you came, or I can't be held responsible for what happens next.

You will end up in a room where the harmless Orange Wybel sits. However, when you decide to attempt leaving...

The Orange Wybel: You know what, no! I'm just going to kill you, no more chances! Let's see how you meet your horrible end!

Boss[edit | edit source]

Image Name Level Health Attack Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drop(s) Location
RowdyWybel.png Rowdy Wybel 90 ??? Melee ??? Fire: Defence
Thunder: Defence
Disintegrator Core The Orange Wybel (Boss Altar)
Disintegrator.png Disintegrator 110 ??? Melee ??? Fire: Damage
Thunder: Damage
Disintegrator Core The Orange Wybel (Boss Altar)

Phases[edit | edit source]

Phase 1

The Orange Wybel starts with 135000 HP. He has a pitiful speed of 65%. It is unwise to attempt to attack him with Thunder or Fire damage, as he has 870 defense in each. Along with his basic attack, the Orange Wybel can use Meteor and Heavy Charge. When he uses the latter, pay attention, as the impact deals significant damage.

Phase 2

After defeating his first phase, the Orange Wybel engages into a rage state. His speed jumps to 165% and he changes to a Charge AI. He continuously spams Meteor, ending with a Self-Destruct into the next phase. Do not try to manually defeat him, as his high health regen will heal him instantly.

Phase 3

This phase is nearly identical to his first phase, but his speed increases to 70%. A Heavy Push spell is added to his arsenal. Additionally, his Fire and Thunder defenses jump to 1350.

Phase 4

Phase 4 is essentially identical to the second phase (his defense is increased, but that does not affect his invincibility). His speed increases to 170%.

Phase 5

With death drawing near, the Orange Wybel gains multiple buffs to his stats. His Thunder and Fire defenses increase again to a whopping 1740 (more than Qira). His health rises to 270000. His speed rises to 75%. Defeat this phase, and you will have vanquished the Orange Wybel. Keep the Teleporter Controller he drops and right click the enchanting table to leave the arena.

Minions[edit | edit source]

  • Disintegrator: These have 12100 health and deal 998-1498 neutral damage, 1-1 fire and thunder damage. They can use Flamethrower and Self-Destruct spells.
  • Disintegrator Core: These have 500000 health and are impossible to kill. They deal 1-5000 fire and thunder (as well as a measly 0-1 Neutral) damage per hit and have Pull and Self Destruct spells. They must be avoided at all costs.
  • Rowdy Wybel: These have 9500 health, but they only spawn when you stand on a golden pressure plate in the arena. They deal 600-690 Neutral damage and have the spells Heavy Slowness and Heavy Heal. Additionally, they have 350 Fire and Thunder defense.

Loot[edit | edit source]

The Orange Wybel drops 640 Emeralds and has a chance to drop several untradable items as well as a tier 3 ingredient.

640 emeralds





BorangeFluff.png  Borange Fluff

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Be wary of the pressure plates unless you use a Life Steal or Mana Steal build. In that situation, trigger them as much as you need.
  • Bring other players, preferably mage. If you wish to solo it, bring health and stats pots.
  • Use debuff spells regularly to slow down orange wybel and its minions.
  • During the second and fourth phases, try to keep your distance from the Orange Wybel as much as possible, because fighting is not required to complete these phases.