The Moon

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The Moon SiteIcon.png
A normal sight of moon rise.... on the moon?
Discovery Lore
It seems the wizard's gravity spell made you fall all the way through space, landing on the moon itself. Weird.
Coordinates X: 192,200,000, Z: 192,200,000
Suggested Level 96
Involved Quests Recipe For Disaster

The Moon is a location that can be accessed when doing Brie's recipe in the Recipe For Disaster quest and after finishing to climb Astraulus' Tower.

Point of intrest[edit | edit source]

The moon inherit a small colony of a specie called "Humyn". as well of that, the moon also have quicksalt mine at 2490, -5255.

Regular Humyn dialog[edit | edit source]

  • Regular Humyn: What takes you here, strangeling? What namings do you have? Hu-man? We claim Humyn! Bad choose, pick elsewhere strangeling!
  • Regular Humyn: Investigating for helping? How many conveniences! Humyns requires assistancing! You observers, humyns failflies into large crater-rock!
  • Regular Humyn: Burnmilk sprint out and one direction to retrieve it is quicksalt! We strike lucknugget and discover quicksalt on crater-rock!
  • Regular Humyn: Refined quicksalt gives burnmilk for spacezoom! Inconveniencing, spacezoom destroyed. Humyns create miniscule Spacezoom!
  • Regular Humyn: Only singular humyn can fit in current spacezoom. If strangeling helps humyns will let strangeling in spacezoom. Humyns can create new spacezoom in given time!
  • Regular Humyn: Humyns currently residing on crater-rock, meaning waiting is not result of death!
  • Regular Humyn: Quicksalt discovering in saltcave! Location north of village! Take many carefuls, strangeling, saltcave has falling danger!
  • Regular Humyn: To kick spacezoom into moving, humyns need [18 quicksalt]. Place quicksalts into machine to refine burnmilk!
  • Regular Humyn: Many lucks, strangeling "Hu-man", humyns cheerleading in village. When ready to travel to small spacezoom with burnmilk in hold!

The quicksalt mine[edit | edit source]

 Location   The Moon   X   2490  Y     Z   -5255  Wynncraft Map 

Get dipper into the cavern, until you find a warning sign that warns you.

Ignore it.

Collect 18 quicksalt from the end of the cave. But then... The cave is collapsing and you have to run as fast as possible from the cave.

Leaving The Moon[edit | edit source]

Throw 18 quicksalts to the hoppers in the machine in the humyns village, 6 for each one.

  • Humyn: For many salts given by you, we obtained just right for burnmilk. For work by strangeling, we present you gift times two! Walk to the space boat close by for return home.
  • Humyn: Keep extra salts and carry this zorks rinds of consecutive feastings!

Enter the small rocket ship and return to Earth.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Humyns are probably space-travelers who in a series of bad events crashed and got stuck on the moon.
  • Wybels are for some reason spawning on the moon, confirming the Wybels class teacher from The Order of the Grook that the wybles came to earth from outer space.
  • Don't take seriously the cords above in the moon overall info, if you didn't get it yet, the combination of both x and z value there equal to the average moon distance from earth in meters in real life.