The Forgery

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The Forgery SiteIcon.png
Side view of The Forgery
Discovery Lore
While this may look like a simple bridge on the way to Cinfras, above it floats The Forgery, the gateway to the Corrupted Dungeons.
Access Points -859, -4926
Suggested Level 70
Other Merchants Key Forge Merchant
Dungeon Scroll Merchant
Other Amenities Bank
Type/Biomes Corruption

The Forgery is a dark floating island hovering over the eastern edge of the Light Forest. Due to the sheer altitude of The Forgery, it must be accessed through a teleporter directly below the island. It mainly serves to contain merchants that allow players to use Nii Runes, Uth Runes, and Tol Runes to reforge Corrupted Dungeon Keys and buy Teleport Scrolls to Corrupted Dungeons. It also has Bank access, however it, along with Rymek and Zhight Island, a bank which does not include an Emerald Merchant. As of the Corkus update, players can fast travel to and from all Corrupted Dungeons using teleporters atop The Forgery.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

Merchants[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Below The Forgery is a mystical pool of water, surrounded by mountainous spikes.

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