The Dark Descent

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The Dark Descent
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Underworld Crypt
Province Wynn
Level 24
Starter NPC General Graken
Reward As follows:

The Dark Descent is a long level 24 quest around the Underworld Crypt Dungeon and Ancient Nemract.

Preview[edit | edit source]

Charon has been located deep in Ancient Nemract. The army just needs to work out how to get in.

Stage 1[edit | edit source]

» Talk to General Graken.

 Location   General Graken   X   227  Y   45  Z   -1958  Wynncraft Map 


  • General Graken: Ah, hello there chap! I must say, I didn't expect to see a part of the old Ragni regiment over 'ere.
  • General Graken: I am General Graken, leader of the Nemract militia. Charmed to meet you!
  • General Graken: You've seen all the bloody zombies faffing about everywhere, yes? They're all seeming to come from this massive skull
  • General Graken: And try as we might, the thing won't give! Blades, pickaxes, explosives, our burliest soldiers, all done bugger all!
  • General Graken: If we could figure a way in, then we might be able to curb the flow of these undead gits, but it won't budge.
  • General Graken: However! I found something quite interesting recently. Look at the eyesockets. Notice how the right one has a bright ruby?
  • General Graken: It used to be fitted with a dark one like the left.
  • General Graken: I've a hunch, chap! And that hunch is, if we can find another matching ruby, this thing might open up its gob!
  • General Graken: I found the first gem in one of the houses nearby, so I'd like you to check that house again.
  • General Graken: Perhaps I simply overlooked the other one in there. If not, then we'll start searching elsewhere.
  • General Graken: It's just south of here. The house still had solid wood boarding in it, despite the age, so look lively, chum!

Stage 2[edit | edit source]

» Investigate the house in Ancient Nemract to find the second ruby.

 Location   House   X   226  Y   49  Z   -1910  Wynncraft Map 


  • (The floor breaks)
  • General Graken: Oh, sod it, I knew I was forgetting something! Steady there, chum! I'm on my way!
  • General Graken: Drat! Too late, it seems. Yes, I forgot to mention the floor was in poor condition. Up here! You took quite the tumble, are you alright?
  • General Graken: Well, there's some good news, I suppose. Still though, seems I sent you a ticket to a bit of a sticky wicket! Do you see a way out anywhere down there?
  • General Graken: There's a tunnel? Aha, spiffing! I suggest you take it immediately. I'll have to return to my post now, post-haste!
  • General Graken: Good luck, chum! Now, back, you cads! Back I say!
  • ???: Keheh... Come further, little human... Step into the shadows...

Stage 3[edit | edit source]

» Go through the tunnel in the basement of the house.


  • ???: Welcome...

Stage 4[edit | edit source]

» Investigate the strange dark realm.


  • Soldier: Scout! Report your findings, immediately! How many corrupteds are coming?
  • Scout: I...there...too, least...
  • Soldier: Thousands...? This is far worse than I expected. Men! Prepare for-
  • Scout: No point...we're...doomed...
  • Soldier: Wait, w-what's going on? What's happening to you?!


  • Lost Soul: Please, stop this! Whoever you are, leave me and my family in peace! What did we ever do to deserve this?!
  • ???: Ah, but if you had only said so sooner! They have already left this mortal coil...oh, what a shame.
  • Lost Soul: Y-you...I thought they...oh, god, no...
  • ???: Hush now. I will ensure that you and your family are reunited. You will even be able to partake outings, under my watchful eye...
  • Lost Soul: mean... N-no, please! I don't want to hurt anyone! I don't want to die!!
  • ???: Aha, naive girl. How cute, you believe you have a choice in the matter. What you want, is not what I need.


  • ???: you see now?
  • ???: Do you see how easily this place fell? How quickly I became its master? And how I could simply dispose of you without a second thought?
  • ???: Such fragile beings, humans. So very easily influenced. Heartbroken, made hopeless. Your ties only serve to weaken you.
  • ???: So I invite you to continue. I encourage it, even. For if you should foray into my domain...
  • ???: There would be simply no chance for you to survive. And then, I will be free to string you up like a lifeless little puppet.
  • ???: So take the gem, my little soldier boy. I eagerly await our next meeting, keheheh...
  • You should collect the gem in the left socket before leaving, regardless of the strange figure's ominous comments. Is there a way to climb up somewhere nearby?

Stage 5[edit | edit source]

» Take the ruby from the eye socket of the dark skull and leave the strange dark realm.


  • This gem seems to match the one in the normal world. It seems like the only way to go from here is into the skull.


  • ???: I will allow you to return now... and I will ensure you remember what you have seen here.
  • ???: Good luck on your little quest...keheheh...
  • General Graken: Hey! Come on, come over here! Quit milling about with the zombies, chap!

Stage 6[edit | edit source]

» Return the ruby to Graken.


  • General Graken: Oi! Hallo?! Chum? Why're you wandering round all bog-eyed? Come back to me now!
  • General Graken: Come on, pip pip! Let's see a bit more colour in your eyes- There we are! Back now, chap?
  • General Graken: Capital! You had me quite worried for a spot, there. Do bubble about just what went on down there, mm? I see you've managed to uncover the gem, at least!
  • General Graken: But, you were stumbling about like a senile biddy, eyes blank as cream, and you kept muttering something about a Charon.
  • General Graken: I'm supposing he was the one who took you for a spin there? Well, you certainly haven't carked it, so I might call this operation a jolly good success!
  • General Graken: Ah, quite a nasty look there, chum! Don't you worry a bit, I'll be carrying the can on that one. I'll also take care of putting in this gem, too!
  • General Graken: I already took out the one up there, so how'd you like to take it, chuck? I can feel the magic potential in it, and I'll be buggered if you go without reward.
  • General Graken: Now, might be good to go back to town, cop some zeds after all that codswallop. I'm certain you can't be feeling quite ace right now.
  • General Graken: And while that was quite the impressive feat, just rushing straight on in the state you're in right now...wouldn't end happily.
  • General Graken: Still though. Once you've all healed up, I'd be chuffed to have you along again in the expedition down into the depths, old bean!