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Template-info.png Documentation

Description[edit source]

The WynnIcon template is a powerful tool for wiki editors. It allows the quick and easy insertion of a WynnCraft icon onto a page just by specifying its name.

If a name doesn't work, you can specify the position number, but this is not recommended, as the image may change. It is better to look up your item in the WynnIcon/pos list, and check the spelling of the name. The expected spelling is the natural spelling of the item with spaces between words. The capitalization doesn't matter.

NOTE[edit source]

Following any update to the CSS icon grid, it may take a up to a couple of days for the cached image to become updated, which can cause errors on pages that use this, especially if the icon grid size was changed. If you see errors, please be patient, and they should resolve themselves in a day or two... Note that when editing a page, the 'Preview' will display with the latest version of the image, even when the page doesn't.

Sprite Grid[edit source]

This template uses the following sprite grid:

WynnIcon Sprites

Usage[edit source]

| itemName *
| align =
| link =

Argument Description Default Value
1 * The item name or position number of the intended sprite unknown sprite
align CHange the HTML vertical alignment of the sprite middle
link The page name for the sprite to link to when clicked

Examples[edit source]

Usage Returns
{{WynnIcon|Earth Powder IV}}
{{WynnIcon|Quest Book}}
{{WynnIcon|chicken egg}}

Support Templates[edit source]

Template Description
WynnIcon/pos Takes the item name, and returns it's position value on the grid.
Sprite Outputs the actual sprite image
Sprite/pos Converts the position number to co-ordinates and outputs them
FileUrl Allows the sprite grid to be used in CSS