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Template-info.png Documentation

Description[edit source]

This template displays a 30px icon of the weapon with the given name.

Usage[edit source]

| 1 = *
| align =
| link =

Argument Description Default Value
1 * The item name from Template:WeaponIcon/pos
align Changes the vertical alignment of the icon. middle
link Makes the icon into a link to the specified page.

This uses the Template:WeaponIcon/pos to determine the sprite position in the following spritesheet: WeaponSprites.png

Examples[edit source]

Code Result
{{WeaponIcon|dagger|link=Dodegar's Ultimate Weapon}}
{{WeaponIcon|bow|align=text-top}} text {{WeaponIcon|bow|align=middle}} text {{WeaponIcon|bow|align=text-bottom}