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The Tradebox template is used to create tradeboxes for various miscellaneous items found in game.

Usage[edit source]

| tradename = Name of the trades, Weapon, Armour, Potion... Defaults to Pagename
| itemname = Header for the item column. Defaults to Itemname
| stattype = Header for the stats column: Defense for Armour, Damage for Weapons, Hunger/Health for Potions...
| reqname = Header for the requirements column: defaults to Min. Level
| costunit = Header for the costs column: Defaults to Price
| itemN = the item
| statsN = its stats
| reqN = its requirement
| costsN = its costs

Examples[edit source]

Example Result
{{Tradebox | tradename = Armour | itemname = Aries }}
Aries Statsname Min. Level Price