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This template creates a table for mobs with multiple stages, or mobs with Neutral and Hostile versions. This is not for versions of mobs with different levels, which should use Template:DisambigMsg. This is also not for listing mobs mildly related to each other, or mobs that spawn other mobs on death.

Usage[edit source]

{{MobSeries|title =
|mobs = }}
  • title - the title that will go on top of the table
  • mobs - a comma-separated list of all mobs in this series.

Examples[edit source]

Example Result
{{MobSeries|title = Larkster's Cook Series
|mobs = Larkster's Cook (Neutral), Larkster's Cook (Hostile)}}
{{MobSeries|title = Aerolia Flower Series
|mobs = Aerolia Flower (Neutral), Aerolia Flower (Phase 1), Aerolia Flower (Phase 2)}}