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Template-info.png Documentation

This template creates a table for the item drops of a mob. Can also be used without naming any items.

Usage[edit source]

|{{MDRow|item= |is_guaranteed= }}
|{{MDRow|item= |is_guaranteed= }}
|{{MDRow|item= |is_guaranteed= }}

Each parameter should call Template:MDRow and provide the name of the item and whether it is guaranteed. The title of the table will always be the page name.

  • item - the name of the item the mob can drop
  • is_guaranteed - 0 or 1: whether the mob is guaranteed to drop this item

Examples[edit source]

Example Result
|{{MDRow|item=Rotten Flesh|is_guaranteed=0}}
|{{MDRow|item=Sturdy Flesh|is_guaranteed=0}}
Zombie (Lv. 3) Drops

Rotten Flesh

Sturdy Flesh
Nesting Spider Drops
This mob has no unique drops.
{{MobDrops|mob = Nesting Spider}}
|{{MDRow|item=Forest Web|is_guaranteed=0}}
|{{MDRow|item=Spider Fang|is_guaranteed=0}}
|{{MDRow|item=Poisonous Spider Eye|is_guaranteed=0}}
|{{MDRow|item=Lucky Spider Egg|is_guaranteed=0}}
|{{MDRow|item=Luxurious Silk|is_guaranteed=0}}
Forest Spider Drops

Forest Web

Spider Fang

Poisonous Spider Eye

Lucky Spider Egg

Luxurious Silk