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Item {{{item}}}
Min. Level {{{level}}}
Class {{{class}}}
Powder Slots {{{slots}}}
Obtain {{{obtain}}}
Attack Speed {{{speed}}}
Tag {{{tag}}}

To use this template, add this code to a page:

| name=
| image=
| item=
| level=
| type= [Depressing, Normal, Unique, Rare, Legendary, Mythic, Set]
| class=
| slots=
| obtain= [Quest Reward, Merchant, Loot Chest, Discontinued, Mob Drop, Nonspecific, Other]
| speed=
| tag= [Quest Item, Untradable, None]
| damage= *
| earth = *
| thunder = *
| water = *
| fire = *
| air = *
| r_strength = *
| r_dexterity = *
| r_intelligence = *
| r_defense = *
| r_agility = *
| r_quest = *
| otherinfo= *

Note: If there are arguments after the equal sign, you can fill in that specific field using one of those arguments (case sensitive) and receive the corresponding color to the text.

  • For example: If you wrote Mythic under the type field, then Mythic will be shown when changes are saved.
  • You don't need to use one of the arguments given, they are simply there for convenience.

Note: * means optional. Please don't include the * when writing the field though

Argument Description
name The item name, default to the page name if blanked, should only be used when the page name and actual item name is different for some reason.
image The image for the infobox, fill with [[File:<ImageName.extension>]]
item The item type of the weapon: Wand, Spear, Dagger or Bow.
type The weapon type. This field can be: Depressing, Normal, Unique, Rare, Legendary, Mythic, or Set.
class Which class can wield the weapon.
level The minimum level that can wield this weapon.
damage The non-ID damage the weapon deals. Separate multiple damage types <br>.
earth An optional field for Earth Damage amount.
thunder An optional field for Thunder Damage amount.
water An optional field for Water Damage amount.
fire An optional field for Fire Damage amount.
air An optional field for Air Damage amount.
slots Number of Powder Slots available: a number from 0-10.
obtain Nonspecific, Mob Drop, Quest Reward, Discontinued, Loot (chest), Merchant, or Other.
speed The attack speed of the weapon: Super Slow, Very Slow, Slow, Normal, Fast, Very Fast, or Super Fast.
tag Any special tags the weapon has: Untradable, Quest Item, or None.
r_ Could be, for example, r_dexterity. The prefix "r_" stands for requirement (to avoid confusion) and the suffix would be the requirement. If r_dexterity = 20, for example, then it'd display: "Dexterity: Minimum: 20".
otherinfo Any other information (e.g. Contest Reward). (Optional)