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Sample Location TownIcon.png
Sample Image Caption
Discovery Lore
This is the Discovery Lore
Coordinates X: 0, Z: 0
Access Points Secret Passage 1: 100, 100
Secret Passage 2: 200, 200
Minimum Suggested Level 1
Standard Merchants
Weapon Merchant Level 1
Potion Merchant Level 1
Accessory Merchant Level 1
Other Merchants Merchant 1
Merchant 2
Merchant 3
Other Amenities Utility 1
Utility 2
Utility 3
Quest Starts Quest 1
Quest 2
Quest 3
Involved Quests Quest 4
Quest 5
Quest 6
Type/Biomes Sample Type
Special Conditions No falling damage while in borders
Sample Condition 2
Island Size Medium
Docks -100, -100
Monsters Angry Mob 1
Angry Mob 2
Boss Town Invader
Battle 70%
Puzzle 20%
Parkour 10%
Uses Grinding
Use 2
Requirements Must be VIP
Other Information
This Infobox contains information that normal towns shouldn't.
Other Info 2

A new infobox design as of 29 April 2014 for use in all Location types. See Locations Rework (Project Page)

Syntax[edit source]

| name = (Location Name; default = Page Name)
| type = (territory, region, city, town, structure, path, natural, island, dungeon, shrine or site; default = site)
| image = [[File:...]]
| caption = (Image Caption)
| lore = (Discovery Lore)
| secret = (If occupied the Discovery Lore is blue colored)
| xcoordinate = (Center or Entrance X Coordinate; only shows if zcoordinate exists)
| zcoordinate = (Center or Entrance Z Coordinate; only shows if xcoordinate exists)
| accesspoints = Location1: 0, 0<br>Location 2: 100, 100<br>...
| minlevel = (Minimum Suggested Level)
| reward = (Dungeon rewards)
| armorlevel = (All Armour Levels; e.g. 14, 13 & 19, 11 - 17)
| weaponlevel = (All Weapon Levels)
| potionlevel = (All Potion Levels; do not use roman numerals)
| accessorylevel = (All Accessory Levels)
| othermerchants = [[Merchant1]]<br>[[Merchant2]]<br>...
| otherutilities = [[Utility1]]<br>[[Utility2]]<br>...
| startquestnames = [[Quest1]]<br>[[Quest2]]<br>...
| involvedquestnames = [[Quest1]]<br>[[Quest2]]<br>...
| biome = (desert, valley, forest, cave, ocean, hell, etc.)
| conditions = (Extra Gameplay Conditions; e.g. PVP Enabled)
| islandsize = (Small, Medium, Large, or Collection)
| docks = 0, 0<br>100, 100<br>...
| mobs = [[Monster1]]<br>[[Monster2]]<br>...
| boss = [[Boss]]
| battlepercent = (Battle Percent of Dungeon; only shows if puzzlepercent and parkourpercent exist)%
| puzzlepercent = (Puzzle Percent of Dungeon; only shows if battlepercent and parkourpercent exist)%
| parkourpercent = (Parkour Percent of Dungeon; only shows if battlepercent and puzzlepercent exist)%
| uses = (Usage of Location; e.g. Quest, Utility, Grinding, Decoration)
| requirements = (Requirements for Access or Usage; e.g. Multiplayer, Completion of [[The Passage (Quest)]]
| otherinfo = (Other Quick Facts)

Usage Notes[edit source]

All fields are optional and will disappear if not used. All the headers and labels have been coded to make Town2 Infoboxes look nice with minimal data organization from this end. If information after 'involvedquestnames' seems unnecessary or irrelevant, don't include it! Suggestions are listed after the field descriptions below.

Type: Determines the icon placed next to the name. See the list of categories and match with actual given category. See syntax for options.

Image: Images with a caption are strongly recommended for every location

Coordinate: If the location can be accessed from only one place or is underground, use the point of entry for this coordinate. Otherwise, use the center of the general area of the location. Both X and Z must be listed for the coordinate to appear.

Access Points: If the location has multiple entrances (or for a path, connections), list first coordinates for non-named entrances, then entrances that have names/pages and their coordinates. An island should not list dock coordinates here, but any other entrances as well as the coordinates of inlets into the island (like the entrance of the bay of the Half Moon Island) should be.

Min Level: If the location is listed on the map use the given level, otherwise make one based on the areas needed to pass through to get to the location, level of quests required, level of monsters surrounding, etc. If unsure, just leave blank for someone else to fill in.

Reward: If the location is a dungeon and gives rewards, list them here. Use the same format as in quest infoboxes, i.e. write "As follows" followed by a list of rewards.

Armour/Weapon/Potion/Acessory Level: Consider all the merchants in the bounds of the location. Make a judgement on how the level of the merchants' merchandise should be displayed:

  • One level merchandise - by itself (14)
  • Two levels - use "&" (13 & 19)
  • More than two - make a bound with a dash (Merchandise has level 11, 16, 12, and 24 gear: 11 - 24)

Use normal numbers for potions. (1 - 3 instead of I - III)

Other Merchants: List any merchant included in the Merchants category (which includes the Item Buyer) separated by a line break (<br>)

Other Utilities: List other utilities that exchange items. This includes the Identifier and Banks.

Start Quest Names/Involved Quest Names: List quests separated by a line break.

Include a quest in Start Quest Names if all conditions are met:

  • An NPC in the area is involved in Stage 1 of that quest.

Include a quest in Involved Quest Names if all conditions are met:

  • At least one NPC or location in the area is involved in any stage of the quest.
Ex. Creeper Infiltration involves viewing a location rather than talking to an NPC (Creeper's Hideout).
  • If one NPC or location in the area is involved in stage 1 of the quest, a different NPC or location in the area is involved in a different stage of the quest.

Examples: Cook Assistant is included in Ragni's Start Quest Names because:

  • Stage 1 of the quest involves an NPC in the area, The Cook.

It is not included in Ragni's Involved Quest Names because:

  • At least one NPC in the area is involved in any stage.
  • At least one NPC in the area is involved in Stage 1, but no other NPCs or locations in Ragni are involved in the quest. (Generic Merchants like the Wheat Merchant do not count)

Prison Story is included in Ragni's Start Quest Names because:

  • Stage 1 of the quest involves an NPC in the area, Ooni.

It is also included in Ragni's Involved Quest Names because:

  • At least one NPC in the area is involved in any stage.
  • At least one NPC in the area is involved in Stage 1, and another NPC is involved in Stage 2, Waront.

Biome: This is not the Minecraft game biome of the location, but rather a realistic biome or area type. Can include a list of biomes. e.g. Mountain, Valley, Hell, Cave, Building, Boat

Conditions: If gameplay has a significant change/changes in this location (Such as PVP Enabled, Skills Disabled in the Nether), list it/them here.

Island Size: Even if the location is an island that is in the City or Town category, use this field. Small for islands like Rooster Island, Medium for islands like Selchar, Large for islands like Half Moon Island, Collection for groups like Icy Islands.

Docks: List the coordinates of the docks, separated by line breaks.

Mobs: List the monsters that spawn in the area, separated by line breaks.

Boss: If the location has a boss that has its own page, link it, otherwise just write the boss' name.

Battle/Puzzle/Parkour Percent: List each factor's percentage of the Dungeon. All three must be listed for any to show up. Use "0" instead of leaving blank to achieve this.

Uses: If the location's use is unclear, list it here. e.g. For Witch Hut, "Quest". See syntax for other examples.

Requirements: If the location has any requirements to achieve its main purpose or even access it in the first place, list it here. e.g. Multiplayer for the Animal Dungeon.

Other Information: List other information here, but keep it brief and organized. Remember this is going in a 300 pixel wide box on the side of the page, long sentences of content can be discussed in the main body of the page.


  • If a location has been purposefully uncategorized, leave 'type' blank. Using other types might be confusing.
  • Coordinates and Access Points - Make your best judgement on these. While access points might be useful for entrances to one location, small locations like Detlas should not have all four gates listed as access points. Rather, discuss them in the main body, but still use the central coordinate for X/Z coordinate.
  • Armour/Weapon/Potion Level - Leave these blank if they aren't present - don't use "0". If you're unsure of the level, however, use the location's suggested level with a "*" next to it and find out the real one as soon as possible.
  • Biome - Really this should only be used for Regions, Naturals, Sites, a few Paths, and a few Territories. The other categories should probably not use this field.
  • Island Size - Make your best attempt to be consistent with other pages and the suggestions above. Remember this should be used for every island
  • Docks - Probably only used for Islands. A regular Access Point could be used for cities like Nemract
  • Boss/Percentages - Definitely only used for dungeons. Quest Dungeons might consider using this information, but be sure to differentiate between that location and a leveled dungeon in the page body.
  • Uses - Probably only used for Sites and maybe a few small Islands.

Example[edit source]

Detlas CityIcon.png
A screenshot of Detlas, the trading town
Discovery Lore
The center of the Wynn Province. This city is a massive hub of trade for all adventurers, whether they have just started their journey or have been at it their whole lives.
Coordinates X: 470, Z: -1582
Minimum Suggested Level 10
Standard Merchants
Armour Merchant Level 11, 13, 15, 17
Weapon Merchant Level 13, 19
Potion Merchant Level 1-25
Other Merchants Emerald Merchant
Liquid Emerald Merchant
Scroll Merchant
Other Amenities Bank
Item Identifier
Powder Master
Item Buyer
Quest Starts Grave Digger
Sister City
Suspended Flowers
Involved Quests Jungle Fever
Meaningful Holiday
| name = Detlas
| areatype = city
| image = [[File:DetlasEntrance.png|300px]]
| caption = A screenshot of Detlas, the trading town
| lore =The center of the Wynn Province. This city is a massive hub of trade for all adventurers, whether they have just started their journey or have been at it their whole lives.
| xcoordinate = 470
| zcoordinate = -1582
| minlevel = 10
| armourlevel = 11, 13, 15, 17
| weaponlevel = 13, 19
| potionlevel = 1-25
| othermerchants = [[Emerald Merchant]]<br>[[Liquid Emerald Merchant]]<br>[[Scroll Merchant]]
| otherutilities = [[Bank]]<br>[[Identifier|Item Identifier]]<br>[[Powder Master]]<br>[[Item Buyer]]
| startquestnames = [[Grave Digger]]<br>[[Sister City]]<br>[[Suspended Flowers]]
| involvedquestnames = [[Jungle Fever]]<br>[[Meaningful Holiday]]