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This template defines the table "NPCs". View table.

Template-info.png Documentation

Description[edit source]

The infobox used for Quest/Other NPCs

Arguments[edit source]

| name = *
| image = *
| xcoordinate = *
| zcoordinate = *
| location = *
| quest =

Note: The * symbol denotes required arguments

Argument Description Default Value
name * The name of the NPC
image * an image of the NPC
xcoordinate *
zcoordinate * The z coordinate of the NPCs primary location
location * A description of the NPCs primary location
quest The quest which the NPC is involved in

Examples[edit source]

NPC Info
X: -927 Z: -1565
Location Ragni
Quest Involved King's Recruit
WynnExcavation Site D
|xcoordinate = -927
|zcoordinate = -1565
|quest=[[King's Recruit]]<br>[[WynnExcavation Site D]]