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This template defines the table "Mobs". View table.

Template-info.png Documentation

This template creates an infobox that holds the general information of a mob.

Only the name, image, type, level, health, attack type, abilities, and elemental properties of the mob should be put into this infobox. Information such as the drops of the mob or where it can be located should be put into the body of the page.

| name =
| image =
| type = 
| level =
| health =
| dam =
| attack_type =
| abilities =
| damage =
| defense = 
| weakness =
  • name - the name of the mob
  • image - an image of the mob
  • type - the type of the mob: Hostile, Passive, Neutral, Grind, Rare Hostile, etc. Also categorizes the mob according to this.
  • level - the level of the mob
  • health - the amount of health the mob has
  • dam - the amount of damage the mob deals, usually a range of values
  • attack_type - accepts only melee, ranged
  • abilities - the abilities of the mob, separated by commas
  • damage - not to be confused with dam; lists the elements of the mob's damage, separated by commas
  • defense - optional: list the elements the mob resists, separated by commas
  • weakness - optional: list the elements the mob is weak to, separated by commas

Examples[edit source]

Example Result
|name = Zombie (Lv. 13)
|image = Zombie (Lv. 13).png
|type = Hostile Mob
|level = 13
|health = 61
|attack_type = Melee
|damage = neutral
Zombie (Lv. 13)
Zombie (Lv. 13).png
Type Hostile Mob
Level 13
Health 61
Damage ?
Attack Type Melee
Elemental Properties
Damage Neutral
|name = Water Zombie
|image = Water Zombie.png
|type = Hostile Mob
|level = 6
|health = 25
|attack_type = Ranged
|damage = water
|weakness = thunder
Water Zombie
Water Zombie.png
Type Hostile Mob
Level 6
Health 25
Damage ?
Attack Type Ranged
Elemental Properties
Weakness Thunder
Damage Water