Suspicious Spot

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Suspicious Spot
Suspicious Spot Information
Type Passive
Level 68
Location Dernel Jungle
Health 50
Drops Jungle Shards

Suspicious Spots are mobs that spawn in specific areas in the Dernel Jungle; usually in caves or temples. They are the primary source of acquiring Jungle Shards, which are used as currency for a few merchants.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Suspicious Spots don't move and only spawn in certain locations. Most of these areas are populated by many mobs and obstacles. Note: These locations' names are merely descriptive and not official.

 Location   Ancient Temple   X   -675   Z   -354 
  • This spot is found at the sacrificial altar of a large jungle temple.
 Location   Small Temple   X   -839   Z   -470 
  • This spot is found at the top of a small jungle temple. It is surrounded by many mobs and requires a bit of parkour.
 Location   Tribal Mausoleum   X   -692   Z   -534 
  • This spot is found at the back of a small building built into the side of the hill. The spot spawns between two coffins.
 Location   Small Cave   X   -901   Z   -402 
  • This spot is found at the back of a small, rocky cave behind a stone pillar.
 Location   Jungle Cave   X   -976   Z   -396 
  • This spot if found at the base of a tree in a large cave filled with vegetation. Arapaimas, an aggressive fish mob that fill the cave, can be dangerous for lower-level players.
 Location   Temple   X   -948   Z   -477 
  • This one is on top of a little temple.