Sunrise Canyon

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Sunrise Canyon DungeonIcon.png
The Boss Altar
Discovery Lore
A secluded gorge, rumored to be the territory of a notorious lone bandit. The stones turn a fiery spectrum of colors in the sunrise and set.
Coordinates X: 1418, Z: -1462
Suggested Level 38
Reward 40 Emeralds
7 Gold Ingots
Type/Biomes Mesa
Monsters None
Boss Rymek Luke
Uses Grinding
And if you draw... You ain't leaving this here canyon alive!
~ Rymek Luke

Location[edit | edit source]

 Location   Mesa   X   1418  Y   100  Z   -1462  Wynncraft Map 

This Boss Altar is designed for players of around level 40, and is located atop an isolated plateau in the Mesa. It can only be reached from the nearest plateau by either using a mobility spell or by taking a minecart across, which can be found in a nearby cave.

Activation[edit | edit source]

The items needed for this altar are 12 Coyote Fangs. Coyote Fangs can be obtained by killing Mesa Coyotes or Wild Coyotes, which spawn in the Mesa.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Rymek Luke: I hope you know yer trespassin' on private property. Either you get on out of here right now or draw.
Rymek Luke: And if you draw... You ain't leaving this here canyon alive!

Boss[edit | edit source]

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drop(s) Location
RymekLuke(Phase1).png Rymek Luke
(Phase 1)
45 10000 Ranged Multihit
Arrow Storm
Air: Damage Rymek Luke
(Phase 2)
Sunrise Canyon
RymekLuke(Phase2).png Rymek Luke
(Phase 2)
45 10000 Ranged Multihit
Arrow Storm
Air: Damage 40
Gold Ingots

Empty Casings

Black Sulfur


Redrock Bandana

Sundown Poncho
Rymek Luke
(Phase 1)

The boss for this altar is Rymek Luke, a lone bandit feared by many, who carries a dark bow that can shoot metal rounds. He has two phases of 10000 health each. His first phase shoots once every three seconds, while his second phase shoots several times every five seconds - all of those attacks do nearly 1000 damage. He moves fast enough to consistently stay at the minimum distance for ranged mobs, similar to Spirit of Gale. He will near constantly utilize a weak Multihits to knock you away from him, but can occasionally utilize a Charge to close distance suddenly, or most dangerously use Arrow Storm. He also takes moderate negative knockback, so the use of high-knockback spells like Bash, Arrow Storm, and Arrow Shield can be dangerous since they make his attacks much more difficult to avoid.