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OutdatedLogo.pngThe following page contains information about content that is outdated as of update 1.17.

Divided into two parts, Before villager's arrival (B.v.a) and After villager's arrival (A.v.a), the story contains everything from the first settling of Wynn province to the moment of the player's arrival.

  • Before villager's arrival (B.v.a)
Just over a thousand years ago, a great stone empire flourished in the Wynn province. This land was ruled by humans capable of wielding immense magical powers, none rivalled their strongholds and forts, the citadels of Ragni and Troms were amongst the fiercest. With the empire expanding at an incredible rate they soon developed into unexplored territories and constructed the port town of Nemract, however as they continued to expand the humans came across a seemingly infected piece of land. This area was barren and a shade of bleeding red no one had ever encountered before, but the strangest thing of all was the mystic purple smoke emanating from cracks in the ground, being curious the humans began to excavate downward into the infected land finding large amounts of green stones, which they greedily hoarded in their vaults. Years after the excavation began; it was revealed that this was not a natural occurrence, that there was some sort of gateway buried beneath the surface. The humans were fearful of this gateway; people who got too close became enraged and often argued with their companions, but it wore off when they moved away from the gateway. One day however, a group of green stone seeking miners braved the entrance of the portal in search of new wealth, and they were not disappointed, the blood red realm beyond the gateway was frightening but filled with the ores of the green stone they wanted so badly.
When returning to their newly built port of Nemract the humans boasted of their newly dug wealth and it wasn’t long before others sought the green stone also, every day for a month the inhabitants of Nemract would go through into the maddening portal and return minecarts full of unrefined emeralds , after a while every night they returned with less and less green stone, forcing the humans to dig deeper and deeper into the blood red floor and walls of the newly discovered realm to sustain their lust for money. It was not until 2 months after the discovery of the portal that their greed returned to haunt them, the miners dug a little too far into the bleeding stones and awoke sleeping monsters that had lied dormant there for centuries, monstrous creatures of the undead, mutated and enraged began to attack their unwelcome wakers, over half of the miners were slaughtered before they could escape, the rest ran for their lives chased by an army too large to count, upon returning to Nemract the beacons were lit to alert the strongholds to send support, but it was in vain. The port city of Nemract was destroyed within hours, leaving behind nothing but ruins, and the dead. The following years were the worst that the Wynn province had ever seen, the monsters spread across the land destroying all in their path. Within a few years, the expanded empire was defeated, the magic the humans wielded put up a good fight but the monsters were evenly matched, the war waged on for a hundred years, forever being supplied with new monsters from the portal, even the stronghold of Ragni was challenged and suffered damage. With the humans forces severely reduced from the war, the future of the empire looked grim.
  • After villager's arrival (A.v.a)
Now we are brought to just a decade ago from the present day, the war between the monsters and the humans continues and the human forces are at an all-time low. When a scout party doing their usual patrol along the northern beaches not far from where the ruined town of ancient Nemract lay, they spotted a ship certainly not of human construction, the wood was too light; the carvings bared no symbol of the Wynn province. For the first time, the Wynn province was host to two humanoid species, the humans, and the soon arriving villager race. The ship hit the rocky shores of the Wynn province and became beached, the S.S. NewFounder was stuck for months until the next lunar solstice, when the sea level would raise enough to set sail once more. In the meantime the villagers built a small village and christened it Maltic, the first villager settlement. However, it was not unknown to the human scout party, who kept a keen interest in the villagers, particularly intrigued in why the monsters were not attacking the new arrivals as they did their own race. The humans, with such few options remaining to them, sent their few mightiest warriors to extend the hand in forming an alliance, in hope that these villager people would aid them in their struggles against the monsters. The villagers were not perturbed nor accepting of their offer, the villagers had no interest in fighting a war, their interest was strictly in making a profit, the sole reason they set sail in the first place was in search of creating a new trade route, to make more money in their already bursting economy. Just as the humans turned to leave, the villagers noticed the familiar green gleam of emerald from the side pouch of a powerful assassin and beg that they stop, for some agreement on an alliance might be made after all.
So it was agreed, the captain villager and the reigning kings of Ragni and Troms would meet with intentions of forming an alliance. And so it was, in return for the emeralds the humans did not need, the villagers would provide the magic of their land, the Gavel province that they themselves had long outgrown. With the new magic, the remaining human forces tripled their might, and for the first time in a hundred years had the upper hand against the still attacking monsters, and it was possible to keep them from invading the strongholds, though the portal sent them endlessly to siege. As the villagers made more and more money from the new found alliance, which they sent back to the Gavel province, the more and more villagers they sent to the Wynn province to work in the weapons trade. It wasn't long before Maltic became too crowded to house the incoming population, and thus it was agreed between the flourishing alliance, that the new villagers would take up the houses of the warriors that died in battle. It wasn't long before the kings realised that the monsters were no longer entering the cities, almost like the monsters that did not enter Maltic. The villagers explained to the kings, that the monsters feud and curse was upon the human race, not the villagers, thus when the cities numbers were made up of mainly villagers, the monsters became somewhat disinterested in sieging them. However they warned that if large amounts of humans were to converge on one city, it would be likely that the monsters would be attracted to the magical power and send a horde to raid the city.
As the houses filled over the years, it was planned to build new cities to the east, on the border between the savannah and the desert, and another in the centre of the Wynn province, in order to establish a defensive line and new trade route, these cities were Almuj of the desert, and Detlas of the central plains, where the villagers and humans worked together to form a new empire, one not of greed, but of cooperation, everyone benefited, however the emerald acquired from beyond the portal began to dwindle, the villagers prices were generally high, so the humans began to mine in the south east deep into the cliff side, to maintain a constant flow of green stone into the economy. The new emerald mine found it incredibly easy to mine through the mountain and are intrigued to discover what lies on the other side, whispers of a third province named Dern was told from the villagers, though they did not know the exact location, nor did they want to talk about it.
This brings us to the present day, with a flourishing economy and safe cities, the human population grew exponentially, bringing about new human magic wielders from Ragni ready to begin their quest to defeat the monsters and bring peace and safety to the new empire, but the new recruits will have to train hard to develop the powers necessary to keep the province safe.

Note[edit | edit source]

This lore is currently out of date. Please keep that in mind if using this as a source.