Item Lore
"You should see when the spiders fight over a meal. It looks ridiculous, legs flailing everywhere!" -Captain Enduyn, Ragni Legion 1st Division
Item Information
Item Golden Boots
Min. Level 20
Rarity Rare
Base Health Bonus +105 Full Heart Icon.png
Powder Slots 1 ( Powder Slot.png)
Obtain Dungeon
Tag Untradable
Base Defenses
Water -5
Dungeon Infested Pit

Stingy is a pair of level 20 rare boots purchased from the Dungeon Merchant in front of the entrance to the Infested Pit Dungeon.


Stingy can be bought from the Infested Pit Dungeon Merchant for 3 Arakadicus' Eye, and is pre-identified.

Identification Preset Value
  Thunder Damage   +17% 
  Water Damage   -8% 
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