Spirit of Vexation

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Spirit of Vexation
Spirit of Vexation.png
Type Melee
Level 25
Location Time Valley Cultists' Cave
Health 2750
Drops Mask of the Dark Vexations
Staff of the Dark Vexations
Dark Aura
Elemental Effects
Neutral ???
Thunder Damage
Water Damage
Fire Damage

The Spirit of Vexation is a level 25 miniboss that can be found in the Cultists' Cave at the edge of the lake in Time Valley, south of the Lost Sanctuary entrance.

In order to fight the Spirit, you must first destroy the Sacrificial Altar at the back of the cave. The Altar has 500 Health and defense against Fire, Water and Thunder damage, and will retaliate with ranged attacks after being attacked, but isn't difficult to defeat. Upon death, the Altar drops large quantities of Fiery, Watery and Energetic Auras, and the Spirit of Vexation will immediately spawn in its place.

When killed, the second-phase Spirits have an uncommon chance of dropping the Mask or Staff of the Dark Vexations, which together comprise the Vexing Set. They may also drop Dark Aura, which can be used to buy a Black Mask from the Mask Merchant in the Ravine Village.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Phase 1[edit | edit source]

 Location   Cultists' Cave   X   -320   Y   40   Z   -909 

After being summoned, the Spirit of Vexation has two phases. Its first form is a blue spirit wielding a blade; this form moves very fast and attacks at close range, and frequently uses the Pull spell to close the distance between itself and the player. This spell can also pull you from the ledge above the Altar, so attacking from there is not necessarily safe. This form has 1250 Health, and contrary to the Altar, deals Fire, Water and Thunder damage, so you should come prepared with appropriate armour; otherwise, this phase is quite straightforward. For players without sufficient health or defense, keeping the Spirit at a distance with Spells can be very helpful.

Phase 2[edit | edit source]

Once the first form's health is depleted, it will separate into two new enemies. These Spirits of Vexation are identical to each other, and are much the same as the first form, though they are now red. Each new Spirit has 750 Health, and both can still use the Pull spell. This phase can quickly become overwhelming if unprepared, but maintaining a safe distance or separating the two Spirits can help.

Either Spirit may drop a large quantity of Emeralds, a Dark Aura and/or either component of the Vexing Set upon death; it's not necessary to kill both, though each has their own set of drops.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The many Dark Cultists that inhabit the cave can be a significant nuisance while fighting the Spirit at lower levels. The level 20 Cultists only attack with their spears in melee range, while the level 18 Cultists use a fast ranged attack, as well as being able to use the Heal spell on themselves and their allies. After being killed, however, they usually respawn quite slowly.
  • The Sacrificial Altar does not respawn naturally, so if you wish to farm the Spirit for the Vexing Set, you must leave and reload the area after each kill, making the process very time-consuming.
  • If seeking out the Vexing Set, the Dark Cultists will also rarely drop a component; however, the Spirit itself has a much higher drop-rate.
  • An offshoot of the cave the Spirit is found in, guarded by two level 18 Cultists, contains a Tier III and a Tier IV Loot Chest.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Spirit of Vexation's name and appearance are based on the Vex, a mob from vanilla Minecraft.
    • The Minecraft Vex also turns red when it attacks.
  • The word "vexation" means annoyance, frustration or worry.
  • Dark Cultists are also found surrounding the Temporal Rift, another bonus miniboss found in Time Valley. It also drops Dark Aura.