Snow Zombie

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Snow Zombie
Snow Zombie.png
Snow Zombie Information
Type Zombie
Level 45
Location Nesaak Forest
Health 2575
Drops Rotten Flesh, Depressing Items, Bob's Tear
Elemental Effects
Neutral 112-152
Water 28-38

Snow Zombies are level 45 Zombies, They're a mid-level mob which are good for levels 40 up to 50 and can be found around Nesaak Forest and Bob's Tomb.

Leveling[edit | edit source]

It's best to level with them inside Bob's Tomb, as there is a much higher spawn rate than around Nesaak, and very high level Snow Wolves won't be trying to gnaw you into bits. They are relatively easy to kill around level 40-50 and hand a decent amount of XP.