Sky Islands

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Sky Islands RegionIcon.png
Sky Islands.png
Coordinates X: 1200, Z: -4750
Suggested Level 95
Quest Starts One Thousand Meters Under
Recipe for Disaster
The Fortuneteller
Royal Trials
Type/Biomes Floating Islands
Region Capital Ahmsord
Monsters Angel of Battle
Angel of Despair
Angel of Vengeance
Spined Devil
Sky Snail

The Sky Islands are a level 95, mysterious logic-defying collection of mountainous islands in the far south-east of the Gavel Province. Below the floating islands lies a dark, deathful void, contributing to it being arguably the most dangerous biome in addition to being the highest leveled. Fortunately, the floating level 100 city of Ahmsord is a spawn point for players in the southwest corner of the biome.

Along with the dangers of falling off of the world, numerous hostile angels roam the islands. Not all of the angels of the biome are harmful, however. In fact, the large variety of angel mobs found in the Sky Islands range from the guardian Angels of Protection to the neutral Angels of Vengeance and to the hostile Angels of Battle and Angels of Despair, along with many other types.

To the north of the Sky Islands is Molten Heights and the underground city of Rodoroc, while the Canyon of the Lost lies to the west of it.

Points of Interest


  • Ahmsord - Slightly east of Kandon-Beda, this flying city is a safe haven for the brave who venture the Islands. Floating structures tethered to one another contain most common merchants, making the town a great rest stop for players (just as long as they don't fall into the void beneath).
  • Kandon-Beda - Tucked away in the southwestcorner of the Sky Islands, this small town is perched on a cliff-side and on some smaller islands nearby. It contains amenities like an Item Identifier, a Bank, and a Potion Merchant.


  • Sky Pirate Base - A collection of houses and towers make up a sky pirate base in the southeast of the Islands. Players can start the Royal Trials quest here.
  • Ice Castle - A fortress of ice, residing atop the Islands' east mountain border. Its origins are a mystery.


  • According to the lore of the quest One Thousand Meters Under, the Sky Islands area was once a continuous landmass until pieces broke off and fell into the void.