Skull Cave

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Skull Cave SiteIcon.png
Skullcave Entrance.png
Entrance to the Skull cave
Coordinates X: -693, Z: -3172
Access Points Pirate Cove
Suggested Level 60
Involved Quests Beneath the Depths
Type/Biomes Cave
Monsters Dead Pirate Level 62
Dead Pirate Guard Level 70
Uses Quest

Skull cave also known as Skull Tomb is a cave inside the mountains on Pirate Cove. The cave is a fortress like structure with a narrow path the player has to follow. In its middle section, it also has some maze like elements.

Everywhere inside the cave, spawn level 62 Dead Pirates that attack the player. On the lowest floor, one level 70 Dead Pirate Guard spawns. In the main room, at the end of the cave, Faded Map drops from the ceiling, this item is needed for the Beneath the Depths quest.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The Dead Pirates have knockback weapons and hit hard.
  • At level 60, it can be hard to complete. Bringing friends or leveling up is recommended.
  • There are many, many loot chests inside the maze. So take the time to look around. (many of the chests are level II or III

Gallery[edit | edit source]