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The books in the middle represent the skill points, the count above shows how many points are left to give.

Skill Points allow players to improve their class for combat. To access your skill points, click your compass on your hotbar in-game (you can also access other various features through your compass).

There are currently 5 different stats implemented, each of which corresponds to it's own Element and can be increased through Skill Points:

  • Strength (Earth) increases all damage dealt
  • Dexterity (Thunder) increases chance to do double damage on a hit
  • Intelligence (Water) decreases mana cost for spells
  • Defense (Fire) decreases amount of damage received
  • Agility (Air) increase chance to ignore all damage from a hit

In addition to the perks of the stats listed above, each stat also increases the elemental damage you may inflict for the element it pertains to.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • It is not possible to exceed 100 skill points on any one stat without using identified equipment that modify your stats.
  • Strength skill points are ignored if Dexterity activates; the skills do not stack. It is recommended to use one or the other exclusively. Similarly, Defense is useless when Agility activates, so it is recommended to use only one of them.
  • When you have 100 Skill Points put into Strength putting another 100 Skill Points into Dexterity only gives 12% of extra damage and vice versa. The same applies to Defense and Agility.
  • Excluding Level 1, each Level Up, the player will gain 2 skill points. This means at Level 100, you have a maximum of 198 skill points. These do not have to be used immediately.
  • Skill Reset Scrolls allow the player to reset their skills to zero after completing the Tower of Amnesia
  • It is not suggested to distribute your skill points as shown in the picture. It is recommended to focus them on 2 or 3 stats, for the reasons stated above.
  • As you put more Skill Points into a stat, the percentage that stat increases by per Skill Point decreases.
  • Some equipment require that you have a certain amount of Skill Points invested in a stat to use.
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