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Siegfried Fan Item Merchant
Type Siegfried Merchandise Merchant
Location The Gavel Province
Total 3 Merchants
Variations 3 Variations

Siegfried Fan Item Merchants are a type of merchant found exclusively in the Gavel Province, with instances found in several different cities across the province. They sell a variety of items and merchandise related to Siegfried, the legendary hero of Gavel, for very high prices. These merchants can be found in Llevigar, Cinfras and Ahmsord, and each sells a different set of items.


Several different items related to Siegfried, including mugs, diaries and replica swords can be bought from Siegfried Fan Item Merchants, with a different group of items stocked by each merchant. Players should be wary that none of these items have any known use besides as collectibles; it is therefore recommended not to purchase any of these items, as all are also extremely expensive (with prices ranging from Emerald Blocks to several Liquid Emeralds each) despite their uselessness.

It should be noted that due to someone stealing them, the Siegfried Masks apparently sold by the Cinfras merchant are out of stock and cannot be bought by players. For the same reason, the "Siegfried Figurines" displayed at the Cinfras stall are also unavailable.

The Limited Siegfried Collection

Each Fan Item Merchant sells one of three pieces of the "Limited Siegfried Collection" (including the Mug, Mask and Autograph), items denoted by their fancier yellow item tooltips and Untradable tags. Despite their significantly higher prices, these items are currently no more valuable than the others stocked by these merchants and likewise have no known use besides as collectibles.


Location Items Stocked
Llevigar Siegfried Cookies, Siegfried Mug
Cinfras Siegfried's Sword, Siegfried Mask
Ahmsord Dragon's Tooth, Siegfried Diary Collection, Siegfried's Autograph


  • Judging by the apparent mass-production of "rare" Siegfried-related merchandise, the very high prices and the fact that no known NPC has ever witnessed the hero's supposed feats, it is likely that the sale of these items is merely a scam.
  • Several NPC villagers and fans of Siegfried can be found around the Cinfras merchant, discussing his accomplishments and the items sold by the shop.
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