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Allegiance Gavel Province ?
Information A famous hero from the Province of Corkus, who wielded a sword.
Did you hear the news? Siegfried just killed a bunch of Orc- Wait, you don't know who Siegfried is? He's a legendary hero, the Bob of Gavel! He's all over the newspaper!
~ Llevigar Citizen

Siegfried is an extremely popular celebrity hero, often compared to the Wynn hero Bob. He is well known in all sections of the province, from Ahmsord to the port of Llevigar, and has an enormous number of fans, who see him as a legend. According to some in Ahmsord, he slayed a great dragon that was assaulting the city, blocking all of its fireballs, except for one. He even has his own monument, erected in his honor by the people of the city.

Another story tells of a massive troll horde which marched on Llevigar, so vast in number that they overwhelmed the city's guardsmen in no time. When all hope seemed lost in the city, Siegfried allegedly rode in alone on his horse, engaging in battle with the horde. By the time the dust of battle had cleared, Siegfried had destroyed the whole army without having suffered a single blow, even posing for a picture as he stood atop their corpses.

He is the subject of great adoration from the citizens of Gavel, and has entire shops dedicated to him, which sell Siegfried merchandise and Siegfried action figures. He has a collection of books which describe his "adventures," which are read by common folks all over Gavel.

"Siegfried" also appears in The Hero of Gavel, but this "Siegfried" reveals himself to be Gurix, a mere actor.

There is also a monument dedicated to Siegfried that is erected near Cinfras.

Siegfried Merchandise[edit | edit source]

Siegfried Fan Item Merchants can be found across Gavel in multiple cities, selling a variety of Siegfried-related merchandise for extremely high prices.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Siegfried is heavily believed to be a fraud, based on dialogue evidence that very few people have actually ever seen him fight, and have only ever heard of his deeds in his journals.
    • Due to this, it is very possible that Siegfried is either pulling off very elaborate hoaxes to fool people, or taking credit for the work of other heroes in order to acquire merchandising money for himself.
  • Siegfried came from Corkus, but left to Gavel to help those in danger.