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Shifting Sandpile

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Shifting Sandpile
Type Block
Level 30
Location Desert of Almuj
Health 5
Drops Soft Sand
Elemental Effects
Neutral 0-0

The Shifting Sandpile is a mob that spawns in the Desert around Almuj. It is unique due to the fact that when killed, multiple mobs will come out of it.

Usage[edit | edit source]

The Shifting Sandpile drops a Misc. Item called Soft Sand. It can be sold, along with some other items to the Glassblowing Merchant in exchange for level 31-37 Necklaces. This is the only way to obtain Soft Sand. It is also used to get the Shinesting Scopion Tail, as the Shinesting Scorpion has a chance of being in the sand.

Location[edit | edit source]

There is no definite spawn point but the whole desert around Almuj as well as the Sand-Swept Tomb Dungeon.
To get to the desert (provided you are in Wynn) simply head east and slightly north. Behind the Savannah begins the desert, protected by a wall. It can either be passed at the northern or southern end or in the middle through Almuj.

Mobs[edit | edit source]

When killed, a random mob will come out of the Shifting Sandpile.

Image Name Level Health Drop(s)
Sandy Scarab.png Sandy Scarab 31 325♥
Mashed Insect
Sandy Scarab Hiding In Sand.png Sandy Scarab Hiding In Sand 31 5♥ None
Sandshorn Skeleton.png Sandshorn Skeleton 32 275♥
Bone Meal
Gritty Zombie.png Gritty Zombie 33 750♥
Rotten Flesh
Salt-Soaked Skeleton.png Salt-Soaked Skeleton 34 1200♥
Shinesting Scorpion.png Shinesting Scorpion 37 1600♥
Shinesting Scorpion Tail